Twisting fascination

The forces of nature can be beautiful and deadly at the same time. With climate change becoming more pronounced each year, it is easy to understand that the new normal involves a lot of keeping your head down and keeping your insurance premiums paid.

If you are the adventurous type of person, and don’t mind spending long hours chasing up and down and all around the countryside looking for bad weather, tornado chasing may be a uniquely different adventure than you have experience before. This is unlike any other adventure including an African safari. On a safari there is a certain level of protection afforded be it inside a vehicle or whatever. But when you are looking for Mother Nature’s case of PMS, there is no protection and little time to take cover if she decides to drop a funnel cloud on your head.

Tornados in many cases can cause a fatal attraction. People want to get close to them because they are so fascinating to see. The problem is the line between being too close and being a safe distance away is a big blur. The tornado can change direction at a moments notice and eat up all that safe distance in a matter of seconds leaving you in a life or death situation. In the clip below there were several small tornados all forming and while they were watching one, another formed next to them and blew out all the windows in the car.

Having the opportunity to go on the hunt for tornados has left me forever changed. You become totally captivated and for the most part forget everything else because the adrenaline is so high when you are near them. I know this is not much of an entry, but the clips of tornados says it so much better. If you ever get the desire to go hunting for them, I can only say go and do it!

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