Thaksin Shinawatra final fall in sight

The title of this entry could either be both phrased as a question or a statement. But when you start to look at it more carefully, it looks more and more like a statement as certain behavior traits are repeating, and the last go around lead to a military coup that ousted Thaksin.

In very general terms, people of western origins do not have a fondness for Thaksin. They see him as brash, arrogant, greedy, and ruthless. Thaksin demonstrated this behavior in the weeks and months leading up to the September 2006 coup. All his actions were self centered and he was busy making enemies every day. The more educated Thais saw this, and the lesser educated Thais did not.

In the years since the 2006 coup, the political awareness of the lesser educated Thais has changed. Much of that awareness is the result of the pro Thaksin Red Shirts cultivating the political base and showing them that they may be poor in financial wealth, but they are rich in collective political influence. The goal was to get them to blindly follow Thaksin because of his populous handouts. People below a certain educational threshold were quick to follow Thaksin because he was providing for lack of a better term free money to the poor even that it was the poor people’s money to begin with that was skimmed dry by layers upon layers of corrupt politicians.

However what happened in May 2010 seems possibly to be the seed that started the second and perhaps final downfall of Thaksin. In the political violence in May 2010, nearly 100 Thais lost their life as a direct result. When a person dies, you don’t really need any education at all for it to stir emotions. All the negativeness associated with death is natural. If the death is the result of violence, there is a near primal desire to punish the ones responsible. If a person died from an animal attack, it does not take long for the people to organize a hunt for the animal and kill it.

If the violent death is at the hand of a human, there is no difference in the desire to seek some form of justice. That is the way most humans are programmed. The killing person(s) is/are dealt with in an acceptable way according to laws.

Now enter the self serving Thaksin Shinawatra asking for people to simply forget about the killings and help him get back into power, return his confiscated ill gotten wealth, and you can quickly see that no education is required to reject that idea. The first attempt Thaksin publicly made was in April 2012 to a group of his supporters that went to see him in neighboring Laos and Cambodia. The message fell flat there. Then on the second anniversary of the political violence at the location of the political violence, Thaksin once again asked the for the same self serving sacrifice.

Needless to say, this has just rubbed his Red Shirt supporters the wrong way, and has given Thaksin’s political enemies a powerful tool that no doubt they will exploit to its fullest potential. They will look to Show that Thaksin is not needed and point out to the lesser educated Thais what the educated Thais already know. Before this they lacked a significant example that could penetrate the education barrier to show the lesser educated Thais the true nature of Thaksin. But now thanks to Thaksin’s greed he has given this political sword to his enemies and they will quickly look to slay him with the hopes of once and for all ending his greed driven political ambitions. When you come and think about it, this is just another example of karma.

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