Thai Court nod to listen angers Thaksin

In what is turning out to be a true color showing of what Thaksin Shinawatra’s true intentions are, Thaksin is displaying what could only be called a muted temper tantrum and is mirrored by his cronies. The simple acceptance of the Thai Constitutional court to hear a case about the constitutionality of some key legislation that seems to only benefit Thaksin and pro Thaksin politicians has sent them into a rage.

Connect The Dots has long talked about the 2007 Thai Constitution having teeth that keep bad boy politicians in check. So for what its worth, the Constitution is now showing it has some teeth to defend itself too. The wording in the Constitution allows some minor tweaks as needed, and they must be shown to offer benefit to all Thais. However the legislation proposed and under debate by the pro Thaksin Thai Parliament is about a wholesale rewrite, and the Thai courts must decide if the rewrite is constitutional or not. Judging by the angry reaction of the pro Thaksin camp, one could easily conclude it is against the Thai Constitution and they know it.

Having a court agree to hear a case is a normal part of the Thai justice system as well as in many other countries. It happens every day and some cases are just so small the media never even bothers to cover them. So when a sudden call to impeach the Thai court and to ignore their ruling to put the legislation in question on hold, it does not take long to conclude they expect the court will rule against the constitutionality of the legislation.

Direction reversal

In what can only be described as Thaksin slamming his fist down in anger, Thaksin has set about opening the political divide again by calling the Red Shirts to arms to ‘Defend’ the government. However this is not called for under any sense of logic. The court has not taken any action yet and has only agreed to hear the case. No ruling has happened, and this is looking like Thaksin style intimidation telling the court not even to go there. This most certainly brings a bunch of dots into view that were not there before. It is those dots that talk about the next 6 to 8 weeks of what life will be like in Thailand.

Needless to say this does call for a few bags of popcorn as this does promise to be very interesting over the next few weeks. On the other side of that, taking cover may be in order as well as this ruling could quickly sink Thaksin’s home coming ship.

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