Thaksin tempts fate

Thailand’s Constitutional court has ruled on the prerequisites needed to change the Constitution, and every single one of them stands in Thaksin’s way. But because of Thaksin’s state of mind, he will be compelled to tempt fate and try to get things his way and sacrifice his supporters in the process.

In what is turning out to be yet another example of Thaksin arrogance and angry bad boy politicians, there is a lot of anger being directed at the Constitutional Court for simply clarifying what parts of the Constitution mean. Based on the court’s ruling, you begin to see more clearly that the Constitution itself is a tool to fight corruption and graft.

Perhaps the most significant part of the court’s ruling is that changes can only be made to correct troublesome parts of the Constitution, and that change needs to be approved by the Thai people. In so many words that simply tells Thaksin hands off and that changing the Constitution needs to be justified.

So in true Thaksin form, he is now directing his attack at the judges of the court with the goal of replacing them and getting a new ruling to override the restrictive ruling of July 13, 2012. Also in true Thaksin form, he always distances himself from conflict and the politicians who support him will eventually be sacrificed facing a 5 year ban from politics.

Even that has already started. In a separate complaint to the court, 416 politicians must explain to the court and justify their support to change the constitution. Many of the 416 refused to answer the court hoping it all would simply go away with the July 13 ruling, but the court clarified that this was an entirely separate issue.

So any answer that reflects they were doing what Thaksin wanted, or other less than a acceptable reasons places them in a perilous situation. Clearly the court is saying there needs to be significant reason to change the Constitution and some case history to support the troublesome aspects that inspired the desired change. Because it will help Thaksin get off the hook is not an acceptable answer and more or less spells the end of that politicians political involvement for at least 5 years.

So once again we have another popcorn moment as we sit and watch the pro Thaksin politicians try to take the bait from the trap without springing the trap. This should be fun to watch as they try to prove the changes that they want to do are genuinely needed and are not designed to benefit Thaksin.

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