Google vs Connecting the Dots Part 5

It seems some 28 hours passed before we got a reply from Google pertaining to our modifications. Their reply was favorable and positive.

The problem they finally identified was quickly remedied by Connecting the Dots, however the problem of taking so long to provide us with information is disturbing. There clearly is a huge backlog in appeals, and that tends to signify the right hand is not working with the left at Google. If such a significant number of appeals are being made that it takes a month to process them, it tends to support some over zealous censor is hard at work.

The time frames in this Saga are as follows:

  1. Initial notification from Google August 2 5:27am.
  2. Our Initial WTF reply was some 4 hours later August 2 at about 9:10am where we asked for the initial clarification of what was wrong.
  3. On August 4 at 12:33am some 39 hours later we got a reply that totally ignored the question for clarification as to what the specific problem was. Google simply said we were still in violation.
  4. On August 4 around 10:00am we again asked for clarification in the appeals section. We got a standard computer generated email notification saying our appeal had been lodged and we would soon have a reply.
  5. On August 9 some 5 days later, we decided to write about it. The reason being that the time between responses were so out of balance. So on August 9 we posted Part 1 of this series.
  6. On August 16 we again contacted Google as we were wondering what was taking so long. This was now 12 days after our August 4 clarification request.
  7. On August 17 we posted Part 2 of this series with more and more questions about what was truly going on behind the closed doors of Google’s offices.
  8. On September 5 some 32 days after our August 4 clarification request we decided to take it up a notch based on emails and other contacts we were getting. No longer was there a question about the photo, the question was now about the person who said there was a problem with the photo. Our action was to post Part 4 of this saga with focus on the possible motives of that person.
  9. On September 7 we finally got an answer from Google. This was some 34 days after our request for clarification and some 2100% longer than the first reply took. Notably they said the problem was not the photo.
  10. So over the weekend our site’s admin got to work on fixing the problem. And on September 9 about 12:15pm we fixed the problem, notified Google of the fix, and posted Part 4 of this series all at the same time.
  11. On September 10 at 4:08pm some 28 hours later, we got a notification from Google that said we were in compliance.

So as we now have some dots to connect with this, we can clearly establish what is going on Behind the doors of Google. We see that there is a problem or difference if you would in process. If you consider the appeals process of a court, a certain average time frame between appeal steps is seen. This is not the case with Google. If this were compared to the courts, the appeal would not be heard for 15 to 20 years. In that time a lot could happen and that is simply not right. It also says that a huge percentage of alleged violations are being appealed.

So we will leave this to rest with the words from Google;


Thank you for making the requested changes to your site in order to comply
with our policies. We have now re-enabled ad serving to your site.

Please note that because ad serving to your site was temporarily disabled,
there may be a delay of up to 48 hours or more before ads begin appearing
on your site again. We appreciate your patience.



The Google AdSense Team

Update August 31, 2013: There is now a part 6 to this because Google has changed their mind. Click here for part 6.

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