Sex mistakes in Thailand Part 1

If you happen to live in Thailand and talk to a Thai woman about her online experiences with dating sites, many will tell you of bad experiences with men who have never set foot in Thailand. The reputation Thailand has about sex tends to distort the reality of what most Thai women are really like. The wrong understanding many men have about Thai women often causes a crash and burn in relationship attempts.

It goes without saying that Thailand has several reputations. It is a great place to vacation, the prices are very affordable, it has some of the best beaches in the world, and sex is a big part of Thai culture. The sexual aspects of sex in Thai culture actually applies more to the male than the female. But that is not to say that is a problem for Thai women, it is more of a status thing for men who can keep several women happy in and out of bed.

As Thailand is generally a poor country, wealth is measured in ways other than monetary value. Wealth can be measured in deeds for the community and others on a more personal basis. The term used is Face or more specifically gaining Face. When a person is seen as a person who helps others, their status in the community goes up along with the level of respect they get.

On the other side there is losing Face. This happens when a person makes a mistake of one type or another. You also do not need to be Thai to gain or lose face, blunders on dating websites can do a lot of damage to the Face of men who have never set foot in Thailand. The most common blunder is thinking that every Thai woman is more than willing to have a romp in the hay with them, and that quickly causes loss of Face and tends to discourage the Thai woman greatly.

The fact of the matter is, Thai women are much like women of other countries where sex is not so much part of the culture. They have dreams of having a good husband who will care for them. They do not sleep around, and they for the most part are concerned about their Face. But as with other countries, the personality and moods of women are as unique as a snowflake.

Some Thai women love to flirt and others are very old fashion. But as old fashion is old fashion, their love lives are rather bland or simply non existent when compared to more modern Thai women. They will give a try on dating sites but very quickly get discouraged as to how some of the men view them as sex objects. Keeping in mind dating sites are just that dating sites. Some women that are just looking for sex or actually looking to have sex for money do infiltrate dating sites and do cause some confusion. Because of that learning to read between the lines about Thai women requires living in Thailand for a while.

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