Sex mistakes in Thailand Part 2

As understanding the true nature of Thai women is key to making sexual inroads, it becomes very important to do as much research as you can before those urges of nature take over. The thinking that all Thai women are of the same caliber is one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to sex in Thailand.

Short of going to a bar in places like Pattaya where the women are all about sex, Thai women require the usual courtship rituals and charm to win their interest. Once you win their interest, the rest requires the usual charm of making her feel comfortable with you. Placing your webcam between your legs demonstrating your masturbation skills simply does not cut it.

So when you stop and think about that, it all makes sense. Animals have a courting ritual and the reward of successful courting is mating. To think that Thai women are excluded from this is another big mistake that leaves men at home alone with their preferred lube.

Now it is not as hard as you think based on what you have read here so far. All it requires is not being a jerk and offering respect and understanding to a Thai women. It is had to imagine that some of the most stunningly beautiful women in Thailand have been single for one or more years simply because thay can not find a good man. In other countries men would kill for just a chance to date one of them.

But the reality of Thailand is Thai men do not understand what gifts they have been granted by nature. They abuse Thai women on a variety of levels and often lack responsibility for fathering a child. The fact that over 70% of the women in Bangkok are single mothers is testament to that. With those kinds of numbers, foreign men are an attractive catch for a Thai women simply because of the cultural differences. So getting a date and getting lucky is not that hard. So keep your webcam at face level is the first step.

If you are looking for sex, then save it for when you arrive. Simply head to the places where sex is abundant like Pattaya or other red light areas in Bangkok like Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. Trying your luck on a dating site if you are only looking for sex is a bit like eating soup with a fork, it will take a while to finish your soup.

However that is not the case for foreign men living in Thailand who visit a dating site. They are like gold for Thai women. The chance to meet someone who first lives in Thailand and has some level of understanding of Thai women is a big plus. Second unless you are some type of total jerk or moron, Thai women will try to win your heart quickly so as not to have another long drought of sleeping alone. That simply translates to the chance of sex going up. However they are set on a long term relationship. So this is where the critical read of a Thai women comes in, and that ability to read a Thai woman requires living in Thailand for at least 2 years. Once you have mastered that, you will know the rules of the game.

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