Thailand’s pro Thaksin Government cancels democracy

In what has turned out to be a hard ball power play to sabotage a peaceful anti Government rally, Thailand’s pro Thaksin Government used physical intervention to stop the rally in every possible way. However in stopping the rally physically, it cost the Government a lot more than it has yet to realize.

The use of Thaksin style muscle was more or less expected at some point or the other. It was a given that Thaksin has come too far to just let some people who are truly interested in democracy and respect for the King to stand in his way. So between the Government controlled police who put up road blocks to turn protesters away, and to use tear gas and physical violence as a first resort and not as a second or third resort, they have essentially removed the one condition that was keeping the military from consideration of a coup.

The military has repeatedly cited they would not stage a coup and to let democracy work. Also the 2007 Constitution has a powerful set of teeth designed to deal with corrupt politicians and to keep want to be dictators at bay. But now with the Pro Thaksin Government wanting to rip up and throw away that Constitution, and its demonstration it cares nothing for democracy by stopping a legal and peaceful anti government rally, it has provided the military with the motive to launch a coup.

Considering that anti Government rally organizer both knew the true nature of the Government and needed the Government to publicly show their true face, and the conditions needed to enable the military to consider launching a coup, it seems the pro Thaksin government played right into the rally organizer’s hands. Seeing that one of the announced motives was to get the military to stage a coup, Connecting the Dots will score this as Rally organizer 1 – Pro Thaksin government 0.

So essentially what has happened is the military now has been provided the proof that the pro Thaksin Government is truly not a democratic Government. They are devoted to one cause and that is to get the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra off the hook and back into power. Also that the level of corruption is back up to Thaksin levels where the country is truly at risk of going broke. Should the workings of the Constitution fail in removing the Government with censorship proceedings, the chances of a coup are now significantly higher and in some light have justification.

Keeping in mind that the signs at the border do not say Welcome to Thailand, they actually say Welcome to the Kingdom of Thailand. So if the King is in any way put into jeopardy from corrupt politicians, the Royal Thai Military’s duty is to step in and protect the King. That simply translates to a constitutionally sanctioned coup if needed, and it is up to the military to make that assessment if the King is in jeopardy or not. With the way things are going, there is little doubt that analysis is now underway as a result of the pro Thaksin Government canceling democracy.

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