Sex addict or problem or not Part 1

After viewing a recent YouTube from the Discovery Channel that talks about some people in the mental health field trying to classify sexual addiction as an abnormality, they seem to be running into a bit of a problem and were being shot down by the American Psychological Association. So needless to say, this prompted Connecting the Dots to do a little investigation on our own into that topic that clearly has everyone’s attention.

As this is a topic of importance, we just did not want to rush in and render our own opinion. So as we do from time to time we bring in an expert on the topic who has worked with countless people with a variety of sexual issues with both men and women.  So in this case it is clearly best to start of with the YouTube in Question.

The expert we contacted is a clinical hypnotherapist who has his practice in Bangkok Thailand. He deals with a variety of sexual issues going so far as to say there is not much that he has not covered. He presented things to us in a clear and concise way that is easy to understand, not to mention it all makes a lot of sense.

Sex is central to every living thing on the planet and not only humans. The primary function of every living thing is to make more of itself and this simply is the purpose of life. From simple bacteria right on up, we all do that basic reproduction thing. In short find a partner because that is why you are here.

So as having sex is why we are here, anybody that says otherwise has their own sexual issues and they are simply trying to shift things around to make people think sex is wrong. In this case the one that says sex is wrong is the person who needs help and not the people who are very happy and enjoying sex. However there are a few exceptions to that and we will discussed them later in another part of this 5 part series.

So as this topic about being a sex addict or not, we must look at several things that truly matter. For the most part in general having sex 2 to 4 times a week seems to be the high mark on the bell curve. On the low end is zero sex as in being a virgin or simply not wanting to indulge.

One of the most common reasons for not wanting to have sex is it may violate some religious rule, or simply trying to please a third person who you would never even think about climbing in bed with such as a family member. Needless to say neither are in the room when you finally get down to business because it is none of their business anyway.

Sex vs religion

Needless to say we all see how expert religions are when it comes to sex. The people who center their lives around religion are the most in need of professional help when it comes to sex. When their body and natural sexual desires are screaming YES, YES, YES and their religious values are saying NO, ABSTAIN, KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! So you can imagine how messed up their head gets as they are fighting off this sinful urge called nature and our primary function to procreate. It is religious motivated behaviors like this that lead to long term therapy and counseling.

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