Sex addict or problem or not Part 3

So as we have discussed in part 1 and 2 some aspects that can generally be defined as a sex problem, there are still other aspects of sex and desire to be covered that look at the other direction of a person’s sexual behavior that is actually seen to be as healthy. However coming to that same conclusion may be difficult for some.

When the question is asked is there such a thing as too much sex, the answer you get will tell you a lot about the person answering the question. First off, sex is the most natural thing we can do. It is as basic to every living thing as breathing is to us. Without sex we would not be here.

So as sex is all about reproduction, and the female body stops producing eggs while pregnant, sex during pregnancy tends to serve no purpose from natures point of view. It is wasted energy of sorts, but the sex partners would differ on that opinion, and that is particularly true if they both have a high libido and daily sex is their norm.

As we discussed earlier, the peek of the bell curve is sex 2 to 4 times per week. The low end of that bell curve can be zero as talked about in part 1 of this series, however we have not talked about the other end of the bell curve where sexual activity is frequent and some cases several times a day.

For the most part many would want to classify that as a sexual addiction. That is particularly true if the opinion is coming from a person with half that sex drive. However for the people with that high libido, they feel that amount of sex is perfectly normal. So in reality, the person’s opinion is relative to that person’s own libido.

So to answer the question is there such a thing as too much sex, the answer would simply have to be no. Also the question is there such a thing as too little sex, the answer for that also is no. However there are other things that happen to people at the extreme ends of the bell curve with zero sex and more sex than you can possibly handle.

Starting off on the low end with zero sex or very little, the fallout of that behavior is premature aging. The body is not stimulated to make hormones related to sexual activity, and it is those same sexually related hormones that keep us youthful. That is why when you look at a virgin who is 30 years old or older, they look between 5 and 10 years older than people the same age who are sexually active. Also the people that have little or no sexual activity, they tend to be the people preaching sex is wrong and sex is some sort of sin.

lack of sex causes premature aging

On the other end of the scale, the fallout is a bit different. Depending if that person with a hyper powered libido has a sex partner or not that can keep up with them, they may tend to be more overtly looking for sex to fill that need. If that sex partner is not available, seeking out sex becomes central and finding it and spending money to satisfy that desire is not uncommon. So depending on the availability of that supplementary sex, this person may be tempted to commit a sexual crime like rape. In places where supplementary sex is available, they will indulge as much as their finances allow.

In another related aspect to male sexuality, males are generally programmed to seek out as many sex partners as possible. This is because nature has made them always ready for sex as the fertility time of each female is different. The fallout from that is men simply think about sex all the time. Some women may find that a problem, but don’t dump on a guy for that as he did not choose to be made that way, it is nature simply insuring continuation of the species.

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