Dictators and Psychopaths

If you ever started to wonder why tyrant dictators found their way to the top of the pile, all you have to do is understand a few disturbing things about human nature. Few species on the planet are known for killing their own kind, and it takes a certain mind set to just up and kill another person without remorse or sense of doing wrong. There are way too many facets to explore with the mentality behind this. However the one thing that is certain is the tyrants will find their way to the top unless equal and opposite force is applied to stop them.

To set the stage for understanding, you must first understand what makes people tick. The original series of Star Trek that aired on TV in the 1960’s captured the imagination and helped the understanding of many human behaviors and why there is a balance in all of us or better put why there should be.

A psychopath best put is a person who is self serving, obsessed, and can not stop until that obsession is satisfied. The way many find their way to the top is simply by outlasting the people who are trying to stop them. In many cases the people who are trying to stop them will conclude that enough is enough and that the psychopath has learned their lesson. Unfortunately that is not the case. The only way to stop a psychopath is to remove their means from achieving their obsession. That translates to life in jail, or simply killing them. Medication will not work as medication is generally elective, and sooner or later they will elect not to take it.

The general consensus that most if not all wars are started by psychopaths in a position of power. As they have no qualms about killing people to get what they want, we see wars erupt. Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein are just two in recent history that were psychopaths. Both would do anything to get what they want, and both saw nothing wrong with the means they were using.

As psychopaths will use any means to get what they want, that statement would tend to make people think of violent means. However a psychopath no matter how obsessed understands there are other means to get to their goal. Presenting themselves to be harmless, and or caring for others is a common tactic. They would need to use that method when their strength is not strong enough to only employ more violent means. For example the need to win an election or to be seen in a positive light requires the less efficient means of smiling a lot for cameras and other public relations tactics.

Also to place themselves in a position that they could rush in and pick up the pieces should any opportunity present itself. Such examples could be an aging or ill leader ready to end their chapter in their countries history. By being seen as a logical choice or at best an available choice sets an opportunity. When you stop and think about it, there must be huge motivation to take that sort of step. For most it would be seen as entirely too much effort. However to a psychopath, to go this extra mile simply increases the chances of getting their goal.

Once elected they will set about consolidating their power so any challenges are quickly stamped out. The division of power that is part of a democracy does not mean dictator, it means to obey the rules. That is why dictators try to present an illusion of democracy when in fact there is none. Failure to calm the masses will result in popular uprisings as seen with the Arab Spring where dictator after dictator saw their end either by fleeing the country, sent to jail, or got a bullet in the head.

When you understand this you begin to see why many people are so passionate about politics, they generally are aware what is going on by looking deeper. In the United States and other western countries you can understand why the extreme scrutiny and vetting of top politicians. It is not only to expose hidden agendas, but it is also meant to see their moral and ethical character otherwise known as political correctness.

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