Shameless reasons to change Thai Constitution

Usually people try to hide secondary motives when trying to influence others to do things that will ultimately benefit them. Even when it comes to the biggest mango in the lot being changing the laws that govern the land, there is no shame or remorse shown when the underlying reasons are purely self serving and out in the open for all to see.

If you have ever had a chance to sit down and look at how things pan out in Thailand when it comes to the legal system and the administration of justice, you will note that things just run out of steam before they conclude. Any man who has erectile dysfunction problems can clearly relate. It has been seen time and time again the slam dunk court cases that a conviction and jail time are imminent because they are so obvious, simply die in one way or the other.

Getting off the hook for crimes and being allowed to continue is how things work in Thailand. This is simply now known as the ‘Thai way’. Only Thai people seem to get out of legal problems this way. When it comes to non-Thais, the system works as expected. Don’t even think about going up against a Thai in court because no matter how solid your case is, there is a 99.99% chance you will lose.

However there are some crimes that are so severe that the courts have no choice except to lock these people up while waiting for their day in court. So to help promote the Thai way, looking to change the highest law in the land to get those people that are locked up off the hook is simply seen as just another day in Thailand. There is no thought that letting the court case be heard as it is Thai against Thai and someone must lose. The thought of some Thais actually going to jail does not compute for some Thais as it is not the Thai way, but changing the law is. Simply to change the law and let everyone free just causes everyone else to roll their eyes way back up in their head and or bang their head against a wall for a while why trying to process this Thai logic.

If there is no punishment for crimes, then the end result of this form of corruption is seeing Thailand slip further and further behind other countries as that is the eventual result of corruption. So when the Red Shirt leaders are pushing and prodding for a change in the Constitution just to let their people off the hook for burning down much of Bangkok and the surrounding provinces, you can’t help but wonder what thoughts are running in their minds.

However to remain focused on the title of this entry, the shamelessness of even thinking to change the Constitution to allow more of this behavior simply causes other people to look down on Thai people as being selfish, childish, and a whole bunch of other unflattering words that simply degrade the Thai people as a whole. It is an unfortunate reality that many Thais do not think how they look to people from other countries and how it causes money making opportunities to be passed over Thailand and given to other countries.

However not all Thais want to change the Constitution. In fact the percentage is very low because they have concluded that Changing the Constitution is not the way to go. The cover story of restoring Thai unity by changing the Constitution does not add up nor any other flimsy excuse. The polls show that the Thai people are aware of the self serving nature of the desire to change the Constitution, and changing it will not fix the problem of division, in fact it will simply make things worse.

The general consensus is Thaksin must be removed from the formula as he is the root cause if the prolonged political unrest and division that spawned the crimes in question. Once Thaksin is gone, then and only then is there some chance of calming the political storm that has consumed Thailand for most of the last decade and all of this decade so far.

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