Let us off the hook Thai style

One of the things that keeps anybody from moving forward and bettering themselves is to simply reward their bad behavior. By removing the incentive to make self improvements and not punish bad behavior, Thailand slips a bit further behind every day. So when a given group threatens violence if they are not given amnesty, it does make you wonder a lot about what thinking is going on in the heads of these wrong doers.

Seeing that changing the Constitution is looking more and more like the impossible dream, the Plan ‘B’ of amnesty looks like the direction things will go. But the thing that makes this so different is the people that are in trouble are the ones pushing the amnesty.

Typically when a country offers amnesty to people for whatever reason, there is some sort of hidden gain for the government. Whether it is eventually creating tax revenue, getting guns off the streets, keeping jails and prisons from bursting at the seams, the government does make out in some way. However in Thailand finding a tangible reason for offering amnesty is a bit of a push.

The people that are said to be political prisoners by themselves, actually are not political prisoners. In fact the only tool frequently used for political vengeance is the Lese-majesty law. However anyone foolish enough to bring the King into a political battle when the Constitution clearly places the King above politics should be sent a reminder.

When looking out over Bangkok and large parts of Thailand and seeing smoke rising from the main veins of tourist income, it is clear to see that those who set those fires have harmed Thailand as a whole. Couple that with chasing tourists away and we can see how it fits the general description In law, ‘Treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s sovereign or nation.’ Also the crime of Terrorism in general covered under the same description as bringing harm, but even us at Connecting the Dots would like to see how that is presented in court.

So the people that are seeking Amnesty are the same people who refused a lawful and legal order to disburse. They decided to stay and make trouble that included shooting and killing people. Simply that is a crime in all countries. So seeking to not get punished for this undesirable behavior is what it is all about.

In another related twist that follows this entry, if amnesty is granted, it will have some effect on the cases brought against the Abhisit Government. The effect will be not be as a recipient of amnesty, but as to justify the reason for taking action against the rioting Red Shirts who are now asking for amnesty for burning Thailand. Simply everything is linked at the hip.

But as this is Thailand, letting Thai people off the hook is a way of life. Thais get off and foreigners face the full weight of the law. That is why the social fabric of Thailand is coming undone, and that is one of the reasons Thailand is silently bypassed by one opportunity after the next. If investors do not see a balanced playing field where Thais can rape and pillage foreigners with a level of impunity, common sense simply says to look elsewhere to invest.

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