How Thaksin Shinawatra made his enemies

There is no shortage of people that dislike Thaksin Shinawatra. In fact to make half of a country that has a population over 60 Million his enemy is no simple task when you consider no one thing Thaksin did made that happen. It was his continued daily arrogance and disregard for other people that eventually gathered the masses against him.

One thing is certain, there is no middle opinion about Thaksin. People either blindly love him, or hate him because they see what he truly is. The ones that love him do so simply because there is some financial gain to be made. By helping Thaksin they are essentially helping themselves.

This is not like Robin Hood as where Robin Hood helped the poor settling for just a comfortable life. Thaksin wants a cut of the booty too, and no small sliver of cut at that. In many cases Thaksin wanted a significant slice for himself. In February 2010 the high court ruled 46 Billion Baht was from his cut of the booty over 5.6 years. That is roughly 22,500,000 Baht per day average. So when a person has that level of greed in taking the money from the people and putting it in his own pocket as a service charge of sorts, you just start to see the first layer of how Thaksin made so many enemies. His level of greed and corruption was at a magnitude never seen before in Thailand.

Thaksin is also very arrogant and sees himself above the law and appears to see himself above the King as well. Now Thaksin would deny this, but if you removed all names and titles and just observed the actions of the players in the game, you would quickly conclude that one player looks to dominate the game by any means and deal with challenges in a way that leaves the challenger crippled, distracted, and fighting to stay out of jail. So when a person loads the deck and has no problems using dirty tricks that include thuggery, you can see how a few more people may just decide against Thaksin.

Thaksin shows a huge level of disrespect to professionals, and he rates their self worth on their accumulated wealth and not on their accomplishments that help others. Thaksin sees this as a wasted effort and a sign of weakness. So when Thaksin one day announced that he was the only smart person in Thailand and that everyone else was just his helpers, you can quickly see in that one self serving ego driven statement how he completely disrespected every educated person in Thailand, including the King. So when people who spent 20 or more years of their lives getting their education suddenly get cut down and spit on by a corrupt politician, you can add thousands of names to the do not like Thaksin list from Scholars right on down to anyone who has a degree, foreigner or not.

Thaksin never listens to anyone except himself is a general rule that is accurate 99% of the time. His decisions are all self serving and he truly does not care who he hurts to get what he wants. There are no limits to what he would do.

Point in note he wants to change the Constitution of Thailand so he can erase his convictions and get that 46 Billion Baht back that is just sitting someplace waiting for him to come and get it. So as people generally accept they must follow the law, yet Thaksin does not, well you can add even more names to the do not like Thaksin list with that rub in the face.

With extreme behavior like this you can quickly conclude why there is no middle ground about Thaksin. When Thaksin sets to do something that blatantly violates the parent taught core moral and ethical values that makes up the foundation of who we are, there is no middle ground, it registers in all of us as profoundly wrong and a thumbs down response for Thaksin. As much of Thaksin’s behavior triggers a negative response on the moral and ethical level, you can easily understand why there is no middle opinion on Thaksin.

So on that topic where we weigh things against the concepts of right and wrong, Thaksin frequently skips over the first test question. For example, in the first test question we decide if it is right or wrong to steal. For most of us we conclude that steeling is wrong. Thaksin however skips over the first test question and goes to the second question about what is the most efficient way to steal. At this point people have decided against Thaksin with no middle opinion because simply stealing is wrong full stop! No degree of steeling is acceptable. For the people that think steeling is right, they tend to gather in facilities with tall walls, razor wire, more locked doors than you can count, and guards with guns who are not shy to use them.

So because Thaksin regularly skips over the moral and ethical test questions that everyone else hits, it becomes clear why there is a love hate feeling about him with no middle ground.

Next if we examine that the people that follow Thaksin do so only for self serving reasons be it wealth, power, or status, remove Thaksin’s money and the people who like him and follow him would probably be limited to having the same DNA as him. That translates to Thaksin must buy his so called friends and followers. Without money he is alone. If a dog had Thaksin’s wealth, those same people would follow that dog.

So in summary Thaksin has no true friends, and they only follow him because of his money. Thaksin also lacks a moral compass and cares about nobody except himself. In general people like this are cowards simply because they know that if their influence were to ever end, so too would they as they are so hated by so many.

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