Republican scapegoats

It is no secret the US Republican party is trying to figure out what happened and why everything went south in the last elections. However when you listen to the reasons they are coming up with, it does make you wonder if they see themselves the way the rest of America sees them.

Perhaps its denial, or perhaps it is a case of blurred vision, but the Republican party seems to look to blame a few for the problems of all. Terms like ‘Damaging the brand’ have been floated suggesting that one Republican over there can have a negative effect on another Republican over here. If that sounds like a scapegoat type statement to you, we would simply have to agree.

The only person in any party that has a blanket influence over there and over here is the President of the United States. Senators and Congressmen or Congresswomen only have influence in their constituencies. So to assign the blame to any one Republican other than a Republican President is just denial plain and simple. The actual fact is the collective efforts of the House of Representatives and/or the Senate is what is doing the damage.

The approach the Republican party as a whole is taking and the unwillingness to compromise is simply being read for what it is, and that is called taking the Hardline. It is that collective effort that is doing the damage to the party and not any one member of the party.

Now Connecting the Dots does see a few other things as well, and to be fair we should point them out. Some of the comments make by some Republicans about rape, and reproductive issues were for the most part conceptually accurate, however the descriptive words spoken came out in a way that was easily misunderstood. Had a person not known the facts in advance, it was almost certain to cause a negative reaction to what was said. Lesson learned, when it comes to medical issues, let a Doctor speak and not a politician to better insure accurately communicating the information. It was blunders like that error in communication that lead to terms like ‘Damaging the brand’.

But adding to that, a recent poll shows that 70% of Americans say that the landmark Supreme Court Ruling “Row v Wade” on abortion rights should not be overturned. That percentage has been growing each year. However the Republican party as a whole tends to support the very vocal 30% minority. That too has a lot to do with demographics as generally the Republican come from places that have strong Christian values. Unfortunately for Republicans, not everyone is Christian and forcing the views of one religion onto people from another religion does not go down very well.

So the bottom line is the Republicans should not look to find a few scapegoats to pacify themselves into thinking they represent the mainstream of today’s America. They simply must accept that they have narrowed themselves and are now seen as out of touch, and that is what caused the sting on election day it is not some Republican over there or over here, it is their brand.

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