Sex, Islamic law, and plenty of WTF

Every now and then you read a story in the news about some Islamic law that is being imposed someplace that at the very least makes you raise your eyebrows and makes you read it again just to be sure. Most of the Islamic laws that hit the news do so simply because they are so far off the accepted mainstream of today’s life, they make people want to read about the poor unfortunate people who are being treated as if they had no self control.

So here you are looking around and you see a wonderful selection of wonderful gadgets that more or less are meant to enhance our lives. Smart phones that help you find your way home if you had too much to drink, Social websites that made you wish you kept some part of you life private, and the Internet that lets you see and learn about things your parents were afraid to teach you. The wonderful interface between information and the mind works to not only inform us, it also tends to control us.

We accept in general we have certain freedoms that are based on a person’s age. Get to this age and you can get a licence and drive a car. Get to that age and you can drink alcohol. Get to another age and nobody stands between you and the sexual call of nature, that is unless you live in a place when the Islamic law is overwhelming and hands out punishment wholesale if you don’t obey.

So rather than talk about Islamic law that can only be described as oppressive and way off the main road driving in the tall grass and weeds, we decided to look at if it is really needed. Do Islamic men in some places actually display zero self control and require harsh laws to keep them in line, or is all that oppression making them act like Sailors on shore leave in Pattaya Thailand. So if Muslim men are that hard up for sex and kept from answering the call of nature, something must be seriously wrong with the Islamic laws.

The more people are kept back from doing something, the more they binge and go to excess when the restrictions are removed. There are plenty of stories about Catholic school girls being the wildest women on the planet once they are cut loose from their school’s restrictive bonds. We commonly call this making up for lost time.

So here we are where Islamic law makes women cover their entire body as simply exposing the least little bit of skin will cause the men to lose all control. Even women making certain gestures like riding a motorcycle normally by straddling the seat may imply sexual gestures that could throw men into an out of control sexual spasm.

So you can’t help but wonder what the world was like when these Islamic laws were written. Were the men so out of control that no woman were safe around them, or was there another reason. Perhaps it was all about control and the need to be high ranking in the Islamic hierarchy. The ones at the top of the hierarchy are the ones that get to have sex, or so it is implied in certain Islam based books. So when you stop and think about it, that greatly resembles nature as it is the Alpha males that get to mate.

So if it is the Alphas in the Islamic hierarchy that get to have sex, and enforcing Islamic law with violence gets the respect of the community and elevation in status leading to possible sex, it leaves you to wonder if all the violence and Islamic based terrorism in today’s world is a result of not having sex. It tends to fit in its own sort of crude fuzzy logic. There is a old saying to make love and not war, and that saying was around long before the first terrorist bombs went off years ago.

So assuming that is a true and totally politically incorrect statement as it tends to make women look like a commodity some place between Gold and Brent Crude Oil, we can’t help but entertain the thought that regularly available sex may actually bring an end to Islamic based terrorism. That itself would be nice as some women getting undressed someplace for a man who otherwise may be building a bomb, may actually let you keep your clothes on when passing through an airport security check point.

So every time you read a news story about some new Islamic law being imposed, you can’t help but wonder if that is contributing to terrorism. Also that by removing the need to be an Alpha in Islamic hierarchy to get sex out of wedlock, it may genuinely make the world a better place for all.

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