Ignoring reality ultimately self-defeating

For some people the thought of reality is too much to cope with. They hide themselves from it by ignoring it and pretending it is not there. Thailand as a country more or less on a regular basis ignores reality. Failed policies or other practices that have had a negative effect on the Thai people as a whole are ignored and not addressed, and that simply causes worsening of the situation.

A fugitive on the run can not afford to ignore their surroundings or behavior. They must constantly work to blend in and not appear to be unusual. Body language and reactions to situations that do not match others around them simply causes people to pay closer attention out of curiosity at first. If instinctual alarm bells go off that curiosity is followed by deeper investigation, and that quickly leads to an arrest of the fugitive.

In the case of Thailand and its well known sex industry, trying to ignore that it exists and scolding others for publicly pointing it out in a parody such as was done on a late night comedy program from the USA “Saturday Night Live”, the Thai government intervened. Although the parody was essentially true and depicted behaviors of Americans and not Thais, it was disturbing enough that the Thai Government got involved and said make it go away.  There was no addressing that Thailand’s thriving sex industry is essentially a product of Thai culture. Point of note it was the Ministry of Thai Culture that lodged the complaint.

Even the Thais admit that their education system is in need of a major refit. However it is the Thais that are not seeking political power that are making that statement. Keeping the Thai people generally uneducated is essentially keeping voting cattle for election days. However with a country full of can’t do people, they will eventually be bypassed by every other country in the region, and they are already closer to the bottom of the list than the top. So by lowering the passing grade, they can say they are educated, when the reality is far from that. The result is Thailand is passed over time and time again by companies because of the lack of can do thinkers.

The education system is in such a depleted state, a recent news article came right out and said the workers in the Thai government do not have what it takes to properly run the government, so as taught in school, the standard is lowered. At some point Thailand will need to out source to foreigners with the knowhow. So when that embarrassing day comes it will be interesting to watch some Thais insist on doing things the Thai way and possibly defeat the entire effort of bringing in foreigners with the knowhow. Watching that unfold will be on par with trying to bring an end to corruption.

In the case of finding help for this there is a need to understand how therapy works, and that is to face the eye of the storm. Facing up to what is being ignored is key to therapy. So unfortunately as with so many, they must hit rock bottom before they are committed to facing reality and making the necessary changes to change the reality they fear and want to ignore. The fugitive must do their time in jail, the behavior of the people must change to remove the spark that sends people into the sex trade. Also there must be acceptance that you can only go so far in lowering the standard before complete collapse of the country.

Unfortunately this reality check is something else that people will want to ignore.

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