Do you hate news story titles that end in a question mark?

They just started to appear one day in RSS feeds from CNN where there should be only news. Seemingly stupid and provocative questions that cause you to think about the quality of the journalist who put it there.

Normally venting is not one of the things we do. We prefer to stay focused on presenting tomorrow’s news today. So when looking through our list of RSS news feeds and start to read things like ‘Are the X-Games too extreme?’ or ‘Will the gun lobby shoot down new gun control laws?’, you can’t help but wonder if somehow the news feed got mixed in with some debate feed.

When looking at the news, we do so to learn about events in the world we live in and make personal decisions based on that information. So when you spot a question in the news section, you at the very least get a bit annoyed. Here is someone who cant seem to make up their mind and are asking questions in the wrong place.

So giving it a bit of thought as to why questions would be placed in RSS news feeds, we can only conclude someone is looking for some sort of hot button item that could be dragged out in some tabloid. For the most part we are highly unimpressed, and particularly so in what can only be described as stupid questions like ‘Does Beyounce like the color blue?’. This is not what is expected in professional mainstream journalism. It is more expected in a bar where someone is drunk and looking for a fight.

So the next thought is why is CNN lowering their standard, it is unbecoming to say the least. It is like ordering Prime Rib and getting Bottom Round or ordering a glass of wine and getting grape soda. Is it because the standard of journalism is slipping and people are getting more in your face? Or is it finally the end of political correctness and people will once again be flipping the New York State bird at each other again? Who is to say, and for one we really don’t care. Debates over trivial things are not productive and serve no purpose except for homing a person’s debating skills.

So in closing on this, we can only express how disappointed we are and hope that either CNN will stop degrading themselves, or someone creates a filter for RSS feeds that will weed out stupid questions in the news.

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