Obama’s common sense irks Republicans

When you come right down to it and take a look at the ideas and approaches President Obama is striving for, you may note a sense of familiarity in his thinking. For the most part when people can remove emotional influence from their decision making process, what remains is simply common sense. However it seems for the Republican’s they are ignoring common sense and sticking to an increasingly obsolete operators manual that should have been replaced at the turn of the century.

Now that President Obama is into his second and final term, is has become obvious to onlookers that he has become more aggressive in pushing his policies. He has started to express the common sense approach and put it more in the spotlight. That way when Republicans come to tear it to shreds and try to put their spin on it, they tend to rub the people the wrong way who share the same common sense as President Obama.

The main reason that is going on is you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand what President Obama wants to do. Most families make the same decision on a family scale and not a national scale. Fixing and or repairing something that is broke or worn out is fixing or repairing something that is worn out. It could be a wheel on a lawn mower, or it could be a bridge across a river, the logic is the same.

It is the more complex things that are beyond a layman’s understanding that allow the Republican’s to have a better chance of getting their way. The complexity of what goes into building military equipment is for the most part out of the public’s eye. All they see is that fighter jet sitting at an airbase or a naval ship sitting in port. The entire engineering and manufacturing process is only known to the people involved.

So when someone pulls up to the pump to fill their car and they see the high cost of gasoline, and know that it is tied to the Republican’s obsolete operators manual under the suck up to big oil section, alternative low cost energy is common sense. So low and behold that is what President Obama wants too.

So because the simplicity of what must be done is just common sense, the Republicans will have a hard time selling their position. Americans are much more educated than they were before the days of the Internet. Questions can now be answered in just a few minutes. No need to make phone calls and sit listening to some awful music on hold only to reach a person who does not fully understand the answer themselves.

Those days have been obsoleted just like the Republican’s operators manual. Placing trust in the wisdom of a politician is no longer necessary thanks to the Internet. So until the Republicans can understand that common sense governs most people, (excluding some of the mentally ill) they will have an increasingly hard time convincing people they know better.

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