Climate change deniers

Listening to the die hard group of people who deny climate change is happening, is starting to sound like smokers trying to justify smoking. The absurdity of their logic and the extremes cited is worthy of mention, so we decided to have a go at it.

It all happened before is how it seems to start off. Gigantic volcanic eruptions, asteroids from space, subtle changes in the earths orbit known as Milankovitch cycles, to just saying ‘Just wait and see’. Needless to say they all sound good and they present their theories as if they were the ultimate expert on the phenomenon they are citing. However of late, those theories have been easier and easier to disprove with published scientific observations. Once that layer of fact has been uncovered disproving their theory, a new and even more far fetched reason is cited.

So here we are watching Mr. Bean’s tongue turn blue from ink while working on long math trying to find a answer that can be cited to support that climate change is just a myth, while we are seeing ice that has been frozen longer than Milankovitch cycles melt into water. Perhaps because there are now 7 billion people on the planet, the earth is now spinning like a tire that is out of balance with China and India being the heavy side. So as a result we are causing the Milankovitch cycles to be more extreme. It certainly sounds like a valid argument and hard to disprove. As for what side of the argument that supports, it does not matter as long as the presentation sounded good and eye contact was made.

Perhaps the climate change will let people see how the die hard think, and how far they will go before they toss in the towel and concede they are on the losing side of the argument. We certainly can look and point at the people talking about sun spots or passing through the galactic plane as a reason for the weather. We can even say dark matter is involved, even that we do not know exactly what dark matter is just yet. In all cases it has happened before according to the die hard.

So as we continue to listen to the arguments we start to learn more about human nature. Just about now or not too long from now the only people left supporting there is no climate change are the people who are too proud to admit they can be wrong. We have seen them before depicted in disaster movies. They can’t find it in themselves to make such an ego damaging admission. They have always been right before, so they must be right again, even if it did not go exactly as planned in their last so called success.

And then there are the people who would throw a punch rather than admit they are wrong, even if there is no substance in their argument. So if it has to get to a level of intimidation to support a side of an argument, is already says they have no basis for their position other than supporting their ego.

And if you feel the need to engage them in a debate.

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