Thailand’s political violence cycle alive and well

When you sit down and read today’s news in Thailand, you will suddenly realize you have seen all of this before and not that long ago. Because of that, you also know what is coming and it is not good for anyone and only looks to serve just one person.

For Thaksin Shinawatra it is a bit like having the keys to his jail cell but just can’t quite reach the lock. As he is now admittedly running the ruling party and pushing legislation that essentially will cut himself loose from his convictions, there is not a person that can see anything other than conflict coming down the road. Anger and rage fueled from his unwavering arrogance will once again lead to violence in Thailand.

Events on the repeat cycle are once again the Red Shirts are physically blocking anyone who does not side with Thaksin. Former Prime Minister Abhisit was blocked from a political rally that was meant to oppose Thaksin. Democracy is once again being threatened by a want to be dictator who looks to silence any voices other than his own.

There is one difference in this round that at the very least looks to bring out some popcorn as the courts are involved on some key issues about the Constitution. Thaksin’s Pheu Thai party (PTP) has already announced it will not recognize the court and move forward with changing the Constitution to help Thaksin. Needless to say they would not take this position if the changes they had in mind looked to serve all Thais and not just a few. If all Thais were to benefit this change would be accepted without friction from any side.

This however looks to be a flash point that could trigger a Coup by the military as essentially the Phui Thai party looks to operate outside the parameters of the Constitution and force it on to all Thais.

The alternative to this is the courts dissolve the ruling party and ban party list politicians from politics for 5 years. This also looks to be a Thaksin signature as to Thaksin everyone is expendable even his sister who is Prime Minister. One of his other sisters is already starting to index to the front as she was just elected in a by-election. It more or less makes you think about the teeth of a white shark as they just index forward to replace one that was just lost.

If neither of those options happen, Thailand will once again see political rallies in the streets, hence the cycle repeats until Thaksin is truly out of the picture for good. But with Thaksin running free and too arrogant to know when to quit, we can look for Thailand’s political problems to come to an end only when Thaksin comes to an end.

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