Happy Birthday to us again

It is hard to believe that what started off as an adventure in journalism has lasted so long and has evolved into what it has. So the time once again has come to reflect and to plot our path for the next year.

At the start we were very pleased that anyone would take the time to read what we have to say. With a very modest numbers of unique visitors at the beginning in 2008 we have now seen well over 100,000 in a month. We admit that number seems to baffle us as it was actually going up when we were just taking a break from doing anything.

Some of our posts do better than others with some posts being read hundreds of times a day and the age of the post seems timeless. Search engines have linked to us as having the best and most relevant answers so that does contribute.

However out strength remains in accurate predictions of what will happen. We are flattered that we get emails asking us what is likely to happen with everything from North Korea to what numbers to play in the lottery. With our accuracy consistently being between 75% and 80%, we can see why we are respected. We note that when we are wrong some unknown was not considered in the behavior formula. But for the most part our readers can take reasonable comfort in our accuracy.

We do now and again pick up on a hot topic to bat around a bit, but our niche remains tomorrow’s news today.

As for where we look to go in the next year simply depends on free time and motivation. Typically several hours of research goes into each post that talks about what will happen next and finding that free time is getting a bit more difficult. Thai politics seems to be a staple as what was once contained in Parliament has spilled over into the courts and the streets as each side looks to find the fatal blow to take out the other side. But we don’t look to only talk about Thai politics, there is plenty more drama in other places.

We do target getting at least one post per week but that is not locked in stone either. With 1286+ posts already, there is a lot more to come. So if you have not done so yet, get your RSS feed from us and watch the things we predict unfold before your eyes.

The Connecting the Dots team

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