DNA and science correcting rewritten history

Some of us are aware that some people would like to rewrite history for self serving reasons. Who what where and when are often the targets of such rewrites that may lead to promote ethnic violence and intolerance of others. Often it is the people who are intolerant of others that are the primary culprits behind the history rewrites. But now with DNA and computers, all those lies and bent truths look to be corrected and the actual truth will be supported by science and not I said vs he said.

History itself has documented tampering with historical facts. Perhaps the most remembered was the book burnings of Nazi Germany. In the Middle East school text books are written in such a way to cause hatred between Jews and Muslims thus making villains of each other. The list goes on and on, and after a while you begin to doubt what you have learned in school. Is everyone somehow tainted and the real truth has somehow eluded us until now is most certainly a valid question. Whatever the truth is, science is on the threshold of wiping out all those lies.

Imagine if you would the potential of this. Wars that were fuel by lies will be a shameful mark in our history. Brothers fighting each other not knowing they were brothers has no doubt happened and will continue to happen. But once unbiased science steps up to uncover the truths of the past, global conflict will decline after one or 2 generations as the intolerant die and are replaced with more tolerant generations. Imagine the potential of what humans can do when they stop fighting and work together for a common goal. Read about it being done.

Imagine if you would effective efforts to stop climate change and money spent on war can be reallocated towards that goal.

Although this entry is not very long, it does serve to make people think and want to know the truth, and that is good enough to move things in the right direction.

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