Pro Thaksin party arrogant push

When you read in the news all the posturing being taken by the Pro Thaksin Government to hinder protests and gatherings that oppose their agenda, you don’t have to stop and wonder who’s signature behavior that is. So common sense stands to reason, if what they want is that confrontational, why push for it. The answer comes down to one name, Thaksin Shinawatra.

So here Thailand stands just as many had predicted, standing on the rim of political unrest ready to dive in all because of one man. The same man that has been the center of unrest in Thailand for the last 8 years. The arrogance of this one man was the seed that started the problems when he was Prime Minister, is the same arrogance that will no doubt spill more Thai blood in the coming weeks and months.

The center of the controversy remains Thaksin as he wants to be above the law and in many cases he has demonstrated he wants to be above the King of Thailand as well. Because of that there is no shortage of fuel to feed the coming conflict. Many non-Thai people envy the Thai people for having such a wonderful King. He has done more for Thailand than any politician from any country has done for their country. Much of that comes from being on the throne for 60 plus years, but his selfless behavior for the Thai people is unmatched. So in reality it comes down to a selfless vs selfish behavior as Thaksin is seen in many ways as the opposite of the King. So there is little doubt as to the motives of both camps.

The governments efforts to stop anti-Thaksin people from gathering at their rallies, as well as the pro-Thaksin violence prone Red Shirts is very much part of the Thaksin arrogance as well, and feeds the fire of conflict. It also leads the country closer to civil war and the last stop gap measure for that will be another Coup.

So as Connecting the Dots tends to make predictions, this one is difficult to say the least. That is on the specifics as to who will do what. The reason for this is there are many smaller groups coming together to make one bigger anti-Thaksin group. As their collective behavior is not yet known and how well they will interact as one, we can only say in the most general of terms, it will be messy and possibly bloody as the Red Shirts are not shy to attack. We dare say this may be a popcorn eating event, but many may not have an apatite for popcorn because of the strong emotions tied to this. In any event, people that live in and around the anticipated hot spots should stock up on supplies as it may be a while before things calm down.

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