The Anthony Weiner and Edward Snowden connection

Two names that have been in the news of late have been the sex scandal plagued Anthony Weiner and whistle blower Edward Snowden. Both men appear to have uniquely different reasons to be in the news. But when you strip away the seemingly different reasons, you see they are exactly the same.

A politician being plagued by a sex scandal is not new. For some there is a certain feeling of rightness to go after that politician because according to the underlying goals of political correctness, politicians must be as Godlike as possible. They must be absolutely squeaky clean and have the moral values of a Saint.

Unfortunately, that is only an act just to get elected. The truth be off camera and out of the public eye, they do exactly as the rest of us because they are essentially one of us. None of us is perfect and we all have skeletons of one type or another in our closets and we really want to keep that part of our lives private and out of public view.

So in the case of Anthony Weiner, we have basically a normal man who allowed his natural desire for sex to become a tool for other people to use against him. Without digging too much you can fairly easily conclude it was his political opponents that stand to benefit from exposing this part of his private life. But let us not forget those political opponents also have some part of their private life that if it was made public, they too would be in exactly the same boat.

The fact be that unless that part of a politicians private life hinders their ability to do the job they were elected to do, it should be of no concern to anyone. So when you look at this and consider the skeletons in your own closet, you can easily agree with the first sentence of this paragraph. After all what you do behind closed doors sexually or whatever, should be of no concern to anyone as long as you were bringing no harm to yourself or anyone else. Enter Edward Snowden into this picture.

The US government is hot on the trail of Edward Snowden for letting it be known the US government is doing its level best to look behind that closed door of yours. They can read every keystroke on your computer, they can read your email, they see everyplace you go on the internet be it a porn site or shopping for that sex toy that can find that special spot better than any other. The fact is every little secret that you thought was your little secret is stored on some hard drive in some Government database. It is a bit unsettling that the US Government knows you are cheating on your significant other before your significant other does.

So what we have is this oxymoron of a situation. Politicians are doing their best to keep their private lives private, while at the same time they are doing the exact opposite with you. They want to know as much as they can about you in the name of national security.

So as the information from Edward Snowden has revealed, the US Congress has their hands in this. They must approve this snooping action. So seeing that Anthony Weiner was a member of Congress, he more or less knows the secrets Edward Snowden knows. That means that Edward Snowden potentially has or had access to all the secret behind closed door information of every politician in every level of Government. So is there any doubt why the US Government is so hot on the heals of Snowden.

If you stop and think about it in a certain light, Edward Snowden has the ability to unseat any politician he wants. He could completely change the makeup of the US government by selectively leaking little hidden secrets every politician so desperately wants to keep locked away from public eye or be the next to fall from power. So when you do a comparison between Wikileaks Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, it is very clear the US Government wants Snowden a whole lot more because of the damage he can do to every politician on a personal level. In short, US politicians have given Edward Snowden the keys to Pandora’s box and they full well know it.

So is there any doubt why the US Government is willing to impose sanctions on any country that would come to the aid of Snowden. Is there any wonder why they forced a jet to land because they thought Snowden was a passenger on that jet. Never mind the Bolivian President was on the same jet, that could always be patched up later with a little tax payer money.

So what is good for the goose apparently is not good for the gander according to the gander if the gander just happens to be a politician.

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