US Government justifying Edward Snowden

When you start to read between the lines between the posturing of the USA and the posturing of Edward Snowden, you are seeing that Edward Snowden is holding his ground while the US Government seems to have it’s hands in it’s pockets while looking at the ground in the classic ‘Got Busted’ posture and attitude. That basic body language says a lot and tends to refine the reason the US is so determined about getting Snowden.

This is not a very long post simply because it does not need to be. What we are seeing is the US government coming head to head with the moral and ethical values of Edward Snowden, and is losing. With every apology or explanation, or consideration of overhauling the system Snowden exposed, the US concedes they were wrong and starts to answer to the people that they were elected to serve.

With each new tidbit made public by the media outlets Edward Snowden confided in, the public without doubt is being slowly drawn into seeing Snowden in a more favorable light. Even at this fairly early stage, Snowden has scored plenty to the US still being scoreless.

It all seems to be coming down to the logic of you can do it as long as you don’t get caught. Ironically that seems to be the doctrine of many Governments around the world. The public must follow the rules, but the Government seems to have its own set of standards.

The argument of the US is weak to say the best. Only the most naive of people would assume the business of spying is on the up and up. So seeing that the US seems to have every mode of communication monitored less carrier pidgins, the bad guys already had it figured out. Osama Bin laden used coureurs with thumb drives to stay off the grid, and that was more or less fool proof until someone was spotted and followed.

So the bottom line is so far Edward Snowden has exposed nothing except the verification it was going on. So as this saga continues, we predict a few changes in how things are done to make it all look like it has gone away, while it still remains under another blanket of secrecy.

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