Google vs Connecting the Dots Part 8

It seems it did not take long For Google to recognize that they had made an error once it was pointed out to them that they broke the law. Their response was not only quick, it seemed nearly light speed seeing that their reply came Just after Midnight California time on Monday September 2 being Labor day a major US holiday.

It is interesting in how this all suddenly changed with blinding speed once common sense about AdSense prevailed. We are not sure if their reply was a generic form email or one typed specifically for us, but seeing there is a typo in it, we will let you decide. Keeping in mind we did absolutely nothing to our site as there was never anything wrong with it to begin with, Google’s email said we had successfully made the desired changes. Their full reply reads as such (typo included):


Thank you for making the requested changes to your site in order to comply with our policies. After thoroughly reviewing, we have now re-enabled ad serving to this site.

Because ad serving to your site was temporarily disabled, you many notice a delay of up to 48 hours or more before ads begin appearing on your site again. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.


The Google AdSense Team

So this leaves us to consider the likely possibilities of what happened at Google. At the very least we can comfortably assume someone or a group of people got called in to see the boss about discrimination based on lifestyle. Once it was clearly pointed out that the photos in question were always in compliance and that someone had a prejudice against Thai LadyBoys, Google’s reputation was at stake. Needless to say that had a chance of getting very nasty for Google if it ever went viral.

In their email was also a link to comment on service, below is our reply:

You need to educate your people about lifestyle and sexual discrimination and not to put their personal views before Google’s policy, nor use Google as a tool to satisfy their own personal standards. I made absolutely no changes to because it was never in violation. It was only when I pointed out you were discriminating about the people depicted in the photos and breaking the law by doing so did you reactivate the ads on that site. It seems I understand your policy better than some of your people do.

So without gloating or even appearing like we are gloating, we simply must say that Google has made some corrections to errors on their part. Perhaps better employee screening is the answer or collective decision making about photos that may be questionable such as the ones in question here. So we will once again let this rest until someone else at Google gets full of themselves and decides that their personal standards overrides Google’s policy.

But oh yes it continues some 4 months later. Link below.

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