Thaksin fighting back apparent

It did not take long before the newly appointed head of the crowd suppression police to show he was following Thaksin’s instructions. When suddenly you start reading in the news about Thaksin signature style attacks on people and businesses who are in support of the anti Thaksin movement, you know with zero doubt those orders are based in anger, and classic arrogant Thaksin behavior.

If you have read our recent entry  “Thaksin Mistakes Analyzed”  you will start to understand more of what makes Thaksin tick. Also if you were around in the months leading up to the September 19, 2006 Coup, you will instantly recognize the sudden desire to go after companies that are supporting the Anti Thaksin movement now, was exactly what Thaksin did in July, August and September 2006. Only someone with Thaksin’s arrogance would attack a company as a back door means to stop a person’s personal right under the Constitution to protest. It is nothing short of saying if you don’t stop I will kill your family.

As Thaksin is looking to attack companies, any Thaksin supporters that may work for those companies will now suddenly look to join the ranks of the anti Thaksin people as Thaksin is making a direct threat to their rice bowl. Needless to say that this is a huge miscalculation by Thaksin and is fueled by rage. To say Thaksin is angry, is an understatement.

So needless to say where Thaksin is misreading that as a viable threat to stop the attacks on him, in actuality in 2013 Thailand, that is the same type of rally cry as the Amnesty bill was that brought 440,000 people into the streets. It will not take more than a few minutes for people to connect that this threat is no different than the threat of the Amnesty bill. Because of that, we think it is fair to say Halftime activities may now be over.

Understanding that arrogance, Thaksin had significant control over the courts back n 2006. But now judging by the rulings the highest courts have been handing down, it appears to be very different now and the rulings following the letter of the law, and not a box filled with jelly doughnuts and cash for the judges.

If Thaksin’s behavior in 2006 can be used as a template for what he will do next, then much of the same outcome can be expected. At some point the military will conclude the Government is bringing harm to people who just may be sitting at home and watching this all unfold on TV, they will have no choice but to act as they have stated they are on the side of the Thai people. So if there is in fact any third party neutral Thais left in Thailand, the military will be obliged to protect them. Whether that is a new Coup or not is hard to say, but when Thaksin starts going after innocent Thais like he did in 2006, morals and ethics of the Generals will kick in and they will be forced to act. If the military is not there to protect the people, then what is the military for.

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