Thaksin not the same as Thais remember

The Thaksin Shinawatra most supporting Thais remember is that of a person who helped them when all others failed. However that was the Thaksin of 2001 to 2004. The Thaksin Shinawatra of today is not the same person, and the only way to get him to show it is to make him angry. So the failure of his let me off the hook Amnesty bill, and being shot down by the Thai Courts for wanting to change the makeup of the Senate has done just that.

We at Connecting the Dots thought this important enough to make it the title of an entry and not have it buried in the content of another. Although we have talked about this many times in the past, it is now necessary to push this out of the shadows and into the light of the political turmoil.

Connecting the Dots has talked to both Thai Psychiatrists and American Psychologists, and there replies were identical right on down to the predicted behavior of what Thaksin would do should he ever regain power back in Thailand. Their answers were frank, to the point, and very disturbing. One Thai Psychiatrist described Thaksin generally as a psychopath, while others said he was aggressively narcissistic and would not hesitate to permanently eliminate people in his way. That means people would simply disappear.

Other people who have displayed and have been diagnosed with similar if not the same mental condition include Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and presently Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who has no problem at all killing and gassing his own people just to stay in power.

Picture if you would a man obsessed with a self serving goal for over a decade. We say that because Thaksin had these goals before he was removed with a Coup in September 2006. We can comfortably say he had these goals in 2002 and 2003. So imagine if you would time and time again his gains towards his goals were taken from him. Even the most calm and collected person would have a hard time managing his anger with that, never mind a person who is naturally hot headed and dumped significant effort into reaching those goals.

So fast forward to December 2013 and we see Thaksin moving one of his key people into controlling crowd suppression police who are in charge of dealing with the Anti Thaksin rallies. Then in one of the very first statements given ‘The government is seeking to prosecute individuals and businesses which aided anti-government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban.’ It does not take much to see that type of talk goes way past what any democratic government would do, but you will find it common in a dictatorship. Stories of entire families being executed because of one person in the family are true. Also history shows similar orders came from Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and  Bashar al-Assad, all certified dictators and all aggressively narcissistic.

So if Thaksin is already angry enough to harm innocent people because he can’t get his way, just imagine how much blood will be spilled if he ever comes back.

So when you start to connect these dots, you truly understand what is at stake in Thailand. If Thaksin makes it to dictator status, there will be a sudden population drop in Thailand because of an exodus of people and businesses, not to mention hundreds of people who will start to disappear.

Thaksin did not care about harming his Red Shirt supporters when it came to the Amnesty bill. The Senate shot it down, and even before that Thaksin was set to change the Constitution to replace the Senate with his cronies who would simply vote as he said.

That is why it is very important this message get out to Thaksin supporters to let them see and decide if Thaksin is still OK or has he gone psychotic.

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