Thai people for Thailand and not for Thaksin

Usually Connecting the Dots looks at things and predicts what will happen next. However this entry will be a little different, simply because it has to be. When you see 10,000 Thai people marching past your location on their way to join a bigger Anti Thaksin rally, and you can feel the positive energy radiating from the people, you can’t help but know it is a significant moment in Thailand’s history.

I was fortunate enough to be walking distance from where one of the smaller marches would walk past, so going to see Thailand’s history being made was something that could not be passed up. Also having experienced a Red Shirt parade in the past, there was a distinct different feel from the crowd.

Red Shirt marches express anger and were more threatening in appearance. Their short fuse was obvious and to say they were looking for a rumble was an understatement. That experience was in 2010. That rally the Thai military had to dispose of as they were out of control and burning down Bangkok.

However the parade today was full of everyday Thai people who were tired of a corrupt Government who was only seen to be serving Thaksin Shinawatra. Also they saw was when the Thai Government openly rejected the ruling of the Constitutional court and baulked at the law, they lost their legitimacy. This is no different than any President of the United States disrespecting a ruling from the US Supreme Court. It just does not sit well with the people who strive to respect the law.

So the positive energy seen in the Thai people looking to get their country back from corrupt self serving politicians was very positive. Feeling tears of happiness and pride welling up in your eyes says a lot, and this is especially true coming from a non-Thai. The Thai people were on their way to take their country back.

While the march was underway Prime Minister Yingluck dissolved Parliament setting up elections for February 2, 2014, so half the battle was done. But the protesters wanted a clean sweep and wanted the illegitimate Government out as well, and that is still unfolding at the time of writing this entry.

But perhaps the most important part is the difference in the energy between protesters who love King and country, and Red Shirt protesters who support Thaksin. Thaksin supporting protests give off negative and confrontational energy as does Thaksin himself. Those opposed to Thaksin give of positive energy and show a true love for their country. This energy comes from the heart and soul of the Thai people.

Seeing this was a Monday, the numbers of people who chose to show their support today in ousting Thaksin yet again extended far beyond Bangkok. Although the crowd size numbers are not in yet for the number of people marching, the much lighter than usual traffic during the day can only suggest the crowd was huge. Traffic was about 40% to 50% of normal as many were on foot at the rally.

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