NSA Surveillance Rape Part 1

There is simply no other words that can define it. The level of surveillance that the NSA has undertaken is beyond anything ever done before by orders of magnitude. So seeing that only 1% of what information Edward Snowden acquired has so far been released to the public, Connecting the Dots will in this series look to extrapolate what is most likely in the other 99% we don’t officially know about yet.

This goes well past what was going on behind the Iron Curtain, or in any Communist state. We can say that with full confidence simply because of that wonderful bit of technology that allows us to connect to the world that we now can’t seem to live without. That wonderful bit of technology that co-habitats inside our personal space called our smart phone.

So we first must consider what is just starting to be shown in this entry, the NSA themselves walked on this very path. They were given free run to do whatever they could to gather information in the name of national security. So when we thought tracking credit card purchases was a wonderful way of tracking people who stole credit cards, it also tracks you as well. Also as Connecting the Dots is very good at predicting what will happen next with our accuracy consistently between 75% and 80%, the NSA has enough information on you to know what you will most likely do next, never mind what you already did.

So lets take a look what type of profile the NSA can create on you. First they can tell your general health by what you eat and how many visits to the doctor you make and the types of medication you take. This can be done 2 ways. The first is if you use some sort of electronic transaction to buy things. The second is check your location and pinpoint you when you are at the checkout. Buy the same things enough times and they can weed out location errors and be over 90% accurate inside of 4 times at the checkout and much closer to 100% after 10 times.

So if you are going to a doctor for your heart and then to a pharmacy to buy heart related medication, they don’t need to open your medical records to conclude you have a heart problem. But seeing that medical records are now mostly electronic and they have placed snooping malware just about every place you can imagine, they most likely have access to your medical records too.

They can also develop a personality profile of you by what movies or other entertainment you pay to watch. If you watch a lot of movies with a high content of violence, they can conclude you will tend to have a shorter fuse than someone who watches love stories. They can also fairly easily tell your sexual orientation and sexual behaviors by what type of adult movies you watch, and sexual accessories you buy. If you are into bondage, gay, straight, cross dressing, they already know without turning on your computer’s webcam without your knowledge.

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