Thai Government shifting the blame

The political spin blame game is full on in Thailand and Thaksin’s proxy government is doing it’s best to demonize the Thai people who oppose them. Every attempt to turn the attention to the effect and ignore the cause is being made.

The pending January 13 Shutdown of Bangkok is clearly the talk of the town. Everyone over the past few months has seen just how motivated the people are to get rid of Thaksin and his influence. Knowing and seeing millions of people flooding the streets of Bangkok is not just Thai news, it is global news. So being able to shift the blame onto the protesting Thais will have long lasting political weight. But the simple fact of the matter is, it is not the mass protest leader who motivated the millions to come out and protest, it is Thaksin himself who motivated them.

In the line of dominos the street protests that look to shut down Bangkok are far from the first domino, but the Thai Government would like you to think it is. The line of dominos is very long and it goes back to when Thaksin Shinawatra was Prime Minister. Even the 2010 deadly Red Shirt riots and the 2006 Coup are just other dominos in the line. It is Thaksin’s self serving greed and arrogance that is actually the very first domino. So the focus of the street protests are an effort to essentially remove the first domino being Thaksin and his influence.

There is little doubt shutting down Bangkok will be achieved, and the people in Bangkok are ready to make that sacrifice. Thaksin’s roots of corruption go very deep. So as with anything the deeper you need to dig, the more energy is spent and the more muscle pain is developed.

Unfortunately Thaksin does not care and has his own agenda, and that is to stay in power at all costs. So forcing his influence from office is the only way. So every effort will be made by Thaksin to end the protests, and signs of that are already appearing.

Claims that guns and drugs are being used by the protesters have already been denounced as lies and are also very insulting to the honest and decent Thai people that are the rank and file protesters. So if you can more or less connect those two dots, you can see that is just another motivational statement that further sets the resolve of the Thai people to see Thaksin out for good.

Unfortunately for Thaksin, the mai pen rai Thai people are much less mai pen rai now when it comes to Thailand’s politics. Even the most remote villages that 10 years ago could care less about what was going on in Bangkok, are now much more involved. So that means they already have political opinions of one way or the other. So as more and more real information finds its way to those remote villages by word of mouth, the more Thaksin finds his voter base diminishing as they start to connect the dots that Thaksin’s behavior is very un-Thai.

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