Thai Government – Do as we say not as we do

The Thaksin Proxy Thai Government is expecting people to respect the law after they themselves have rejected it. So is there any wonder why the Justice Minister’s warnings of insurrection charges being leveled at protesters if they go through with the ‘Shutdown Bangkok’ extended protest is falling on deaf ears.

It is very simple, to get respect you must show respect. It is not only accepted in Thai culture, it is accepted in every corner of this planet. In many places respect is demanded and Thailand is one of those places by having laws against insulting the King. If you disrespect the King even in the slightest way, off to jail you go. Many of Thaksin’s more outspoken hot headed supporters are now suffering that fate.

So seeing that Thaksin’s behavior is all self serving, and the Amnesty bill that was the straw that broke the camels back as it allowed Thaksin to ignore the law, and was supported by his Proxy Government, is there any wonder why phrases associated with displaying the middle finger is the response from the Thai people about potential insurrection charges. To put it more simply, the expected default reaction is being expressed as the Thai Government does not respect the law.

To put it in other terms, the Thai Government has lost it’s face, it is showing no remorse for it’s actions, and is angry that people are actually challenging them about it. Add to that they simply do not care about anyone except Thaksin, and you have just observed the behavior of a full blown Narcist.

So when the Justice Minister is making threats about bringing insurrection charges, it is being read as a rally cry and is actually motivating people with anger to go through with the protest that will shutdown Bangkok. The critical mass threshold has been passed in that the huge numbers of protesters are all thinking the same thought in that this Narcist has to go for good.

It is doubtful Thaksin will be able to generate respect in the future as he has simply done too much damage to himself and amassed too many people against him. So by trying to cite laws that he himself ignores, he will likely find himself lynched if he ever sets foot back in Thailand without doing his jail time. So with a reasonable amount of certainty, Thaksin has lost Thailand forever as a direct result of his own ‘I am better than everyone’ attitude and actions. If he returns to Thailand and if he does not go to jail, his life expectancy can most likely be measured in minutes and at the most hours.

So expecting the Thai people to be worried by insurrection charges from a Government that does not respect the law is just a dream. It is just the bad are trying to use the weapons of the good, and for the most part, we see how those movies end.

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