Thai Military puts Government on notice

When the head of the Thai military informed the Thaksin proxy Government that they will be held responsible for any violence that happens to the Anti-Government protesters, it is obvious past Thaksin behaviors are not forgotten. By serving notice, the military is starting to show exactly where they stand, and that it’s past comments are consistent with this warning to the Government.

For the most part, everyone is concerned where the military stands. The reason for that is very simple, in that the military has the final say. So far the military has taken the sit back and let them sort it out approach, with the occasional encouragement to bring both sides to the table to try to resolve the issues. But when the Thai people who want to rid their country of corruption and Thaksin’s influence are going up against Thaksin’s arrogance, no progress can be expected.

In fact the military has gone out of it’s way to stay out of the conflict and for the most part trying to stay on a plane above it as a parent would over two squabbling siblings. If a physical fight breaks out between the siblings, the instigating sibling will promptly be sent to their room for a ‘Time Out’.

So it is clear the Military will step in if the Government unleashes violence on the Thai people just to stay in power. For those that are not sure what that means, it means a Coup. So if Thaksin’s proxy Government crosses the line into violence, they can expect a repeat of September 19, 2006. If that happens it will be difficult to condemn a coup as it will be done so to save Thai lives and prevent injury from a self serving out of control Government.

However when you consider the Red Shirts and them continuing to harp on about a Coup, you need to really need to understand why. The Red Shirts are a violent bunch, so it is understandable that they know their normal violent behavior will bring the military down on them again if they keep up their ways. So trying to demonize the military is a method of making themselves look better and what the people really want.

The one difference now is mostly only the hard core Red Shirts remain. When Thaksin abandoned them with the Amnesty bill, many changed camps and now fight against Thaksin.

So once again Thaksin has been warned, and once again he will try to do what he wants anyway he can. As he is far away and if Thai blood is spilled, he will not care as it will not be his.

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