Bangkok Shutdown – It begins

What could have been completely avoided by the Thaksin Proxy Government now begins. Because it has been allowed to come to this, it becomes just another piece of evidence Thaksin’s proxy Government does not want reform.

It was all very simple and everyone in Thailand is onboard with the idea, except for the corrupt. To hash out new and binding ways to deal with corruption on all levels from the top right on down to the rural village is the goal. It all makes perfect sense as it gives ordinary Thai people the ability to get rid of corrupt people in power, and to see the money that was meant for the people finally get down to the people and not end up in some corrupt persons pocket.

But leading up to this the Government was busy pointing out how much damage shutting down Bangkok would cause. Billions of Baht for this or that, inconvenience of commuting around town, shortage of basic supplies inside affected areas. All of those points are very true, and all could have been avoided if the Government simply said yes lets sort this out now before the elections. When you look at it that way in that the one group that could stop it is busy pointing to another group for causing it, you just see self serving arrogance as the reason for the shutdown was to get the Government to do the right thing.

The Thai people are resolute in wanting corruption to end and getting Thailand back up towards the top of the corruption index list where the least corrupt countries are listed. Every year Thaksin or a Thaksin proxy Government has been in power, Thailand’s rating has slipped significantly and is now listed in the lower half with the most messed up countries. Thailand has the potential to do a lot better, of that there is no doubt.

The duration of the Shutdown Bangkok protest is unknown, and with so many other things going wrong on the election front for the Government that include impeachment charges for those that pushed the bill to change the makeup of the Senate, the Government may end up looking like a small child’s temper tantrum and holding their breath to try to get their way. If the elections completely fall apart, you can expect them to find some other way to not make the changes.

So for what it is worth, the outcome of the Shutdown Bangkok rally is yet to be seen. There is little doubt Thaksin will do his best to have some hired third party make a mess of things and disavowing his involvement. But more or less it does not matter because the Military has already said the Government will be held responsible. After all it is them that do not want to do what the people want.

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