Anti Thaksin protest motivated by Thaksin’s anger and attacks

There was little doubt Thaksin would look to draw blood from the Anti Thaksin protesters. So when that happened, the Anti Thaksin protesters knew they were on the right track because things were obviously moving in the opposite direction of what Thaksin wants.

There is little doubt the motivational point of no return has been passed. Warnings from the police to avoid the rallies or risk arrest have fallen on deaf ears as the message is essentially coming from a Government that has lost it’s legitimacy to govern. The people see them like a guest that has overstayed their welcome and has missed all the cues it is time to go.

As Thailand is polarized and that there is no neutral opinion about Thaksin, people are either pro or Anti Thaksin. So it really does not matter if the person with the gun that is shooting at Anti Thaksin protesters is doing it on their own or with Thaksin’s blessings. Psychologically it is read as coming from Thaksin, and that is motivational. The down side of this other than the loss of life, it is the same starting mind set that was/is feeding the unrest in Egypt and Syria with the exception that has now evolved into anger and violence.

Another thing that is motivating the Anti Thaksin protesters is that things are going bad for Thaksin on every front. It looks like the Government is on the path to be removed by the courts for a variety of things that violated the law that include violations of the law with Charter amendments, and election irregularities by starting before the starting gun. So the way things are unraveling Thaksin may be shut out from the next elections after the February 2 election date. The February 2 elections looks to be a bust and a waste of money as there is not enough people running to get to critical mass to form a Government.

So it is starting to look like running out the clock on Thaksin may be part of this as well. So running out the clock on Thaksin works for the Anti Thaksin protesters as it will allow the Anti Corruption changes to be installed before the election making it that much more difficult for Thaksin to mount a comeback down the road. All of this adds to the motivation of the Anti Thaksin protesters.

So there is little doubt Thaksin is angry. It is hard to recall a time when there were this many things going wrong for Thaksin at the same time other than the coup that ousted him. So expecting guerrilla type attacks from Thaksin fits his behavior as he has few other options. If he sends his Red Shirts in to attack the Anti Thaksin protesters on a large scale, there is little doubt that would trigger a coup as it was one of the motivational considerations that triggered the 2006 coup. So simply there is little Thaksin can do other than be angry as it seems the pendulum of power is now swinging in the opposite direction.

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