Uganda law punishes genetics

Science has proven that the gender a person is sexually attracted to is a product of their personal genetics. It has nothing at all to do with an elective decision. However the new anti gay law in Uganda that outlaws gays and looks to throw them in jail for life, shines a worse light on Uganda than it does on gays.

Back in the early 1990’s it was discovered beyond all doubt that a persons sexual attraction to a particular sex is based on certain genetic markers in the brain. In the study 60 people donated their bodies to science. The 60 were broken down into groups of 10, each being straight, bisexual, and gay males, and straight, bisexual, and gay females.

In the study after the people passed away, their brains were removed and studied for physical markers that were tied to sexual attraction. What they found was nothing short of the smoking gun. In the male and female brains that came from people that were attracted to women, there was a high concentration of the genetic markers that they were looking for. The brains from bisexual men and women showed a moderate number of those genetic markers. The brains from men and women that were attracted to men showed only a few of those genetic markers.

As science tends to do, the cause of whatever has been discovered thus obsoleting opinions and views largely based in beliefs be they cultural or simply guessed at wrongly. In the case of why gay people are gay, it is no different than observing some physical attribute seen externally.

So the anti gay law in Uganda is no different than a law being passed against people who have blue eyes, or red hair. Imagine being sent to jail for life because your eyes are blue.

So unfortunately for Uganda, this law identifies them as being nothing short of a backwards country. The claim that a high number of gay people live in Uganda is more or less irrelevant, they are a product of genetics. It is yet to be proven if something in the environment causes people to be gay, and there is significant doubt they will find anything.

The number of gay people is for the most part a constant percentage. It is just the population of the planet has reached 7+ Billion and there is more of all groups. The population direction will change soon as global warming takes a bigger and bigger bite out of the food supplies, so there will be less gays along with all the other groups.

So the question is how long will it take before Uganda connects with science, and for that fact some religions as well who discriminate against gay people. To say the least, the anti gay law is an embarrassment to Uganda as well as other countries that support the same view. It is unfortunate in this age of science and technology, such archaic thinking still exists.

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