Thaksin proxy Government trying to justify State of Emergency

In what is looking more and more like a completely staged situation, Thaksin’s proxy Government is doing it’s best to convince people the peaceful Thai protesters are violent. Adding to that the strong evidence the violence was sanctioned by Thaksin to justify calling a State of Emergency, you begin to see another one of Thaksin’s signature moves of creating a condition to justify the means.

For those that care to remember the staged Thaksin assassination attempt with a disassembled car bomb and an innocent driver that was assigned to deliver the car to some place that just happened to take the same bridge as Thaksin did on his morning commute, you can start to see the similarities.

Then when you look at the video of the person who tossed the last grenade at the protesters and see that he looks to be Cambodian and not Thai, you start to quickly conclude the attacks on the protesters were staged so that a State of Emergency could be called. Then as you connect a few more dots and understand that Thaksin is good friends with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and the same style grenades are used by the Cambodian military, it becomes difficult to discard Thaksin’s involvement.

Then when you add to that the attacks have stopped the moment the State of Emergency was called, you are even more convinced. Then when reports find their way to the media from the military that 10 vans from Cambodia crossed into Thailand with people thought to be part of the plan to cause violence, you clearly see Thaksin’s signature.

The bottom line is the protesters are not violent, and every attempt by the Government to paint them as violent is greeted with eyes rolling and just understanding the growing desperation of the Government. It really amounts to the protesters having their hands in their pockets and being accused of assault.

Then when you consider that nearly everyone is saying the calling of the State of Emergency was not Justified and may itself be illegal as according to a retired Constitutional court Judge, you see desperation. The Judge wrote in a letter that a care taker Government does not have the power to call a State of Emergency. However that does leave open the question who does if a genuine need arises. Without looking at the Constitution and taking an educated guess, the head of the Military may be the only person empowered to call a State of Emergency when a caretaker Government is in place.

So it seems Thaksin’s plan is to use force to remove the political challenge, and that is clearly a move of desperation. As things are unfolding, Thaksin looks to risk violating law after law, and that will eventually come back to haunt him and he will attempt to deal with that when the time comes.

If you can picture Thaksin in a room throwing things in anger hoping to connect with the people who are challenging him and cause some pain, you would have a fairly clear picture of his mental state. There is no remorse, there is only anger that someone would dare to stand in his way.

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