Thaksin’s clock running out

There is a new player in the game against Thaksin and his massively corrupt regime, and it is clearly not on Thaksin’s side. The new player is the clock, and when it runs out, it most likely will signal the end of this round. We say this round because Thaksin will continue to try again and again until he draws his last breath.

When it comes right down to it in the most basic concept, this is a fight for Thailand. Thaksin wants it all for himself and by his actions alone he does not have the Thai people’s best interest in mind. That is a very clear contrast between Thaksin and the King of Thailand. The King wants the Thai people to prosper and have a good life with all their basic needs being met through honest work, and Thaksin wants all the money that will make that happen. There is no arguing the fact that Thaksin’s actions are opposite that of the King.

With the first round of elections past, it is a forgone conclusion that the election will be nullified as it is already in violation of the Constitution as the election must be conducted on the same day. Add to the fact that there are not enough people running to seat a Government and a few other things like declaring a Government platform inside a certain time after the elections, and you see just what a shambles this election is. But that just talks about the clock on the election process.

The clock is also running on Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck as she is about to be indicted in the failed rice pledging scheme along with a few other things that are being worked on. That indictment will likely come before the start of March, and that will place her and the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) in great jeopardy of being dissolved, and not having time for party members to jump ship and find another party to infect. If that happens, they could be left out of the next elections all together leaving Thaksin out in the cold.

However for that to happen, all pieces must fall into place exactly. This assumes the courts will rule in a certain way, and that there is no legal loophole that can be used.

Meanwhile the rice farmers that have not gotten paid will have said enough is enough despite the anticipated veiled threats that they will only see their money if a pro-Thaksin Government is elected. The fact is whatever Government is eventually elected, they must make good on the payments to the farmers plus interest for late payment. The longer it takes to get paid, the more of Thaksin’s base support is eroded away.

So with each tick of the clock, the worse it is for Thaksin. When he finally does get into his next round, it could be a year or more down the road, and by then with a little luck, the reform measures that the Thai people want will be in place making it even harder for the corrupt to regain control.

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