Thaksin proxy Government crumbling

It is fairly clear to any casual onlooker that the Thai Government is in trouble. The behaviors seen are consistent with other Governments just before they collapsed. The behaviors include blatant and obvious lies and what appears to be fighting over scraps in an effort to hold on to it’s last bit of dignity.

If you were to compare the present behavior of the Thai Government, you would see strong similarities between them and a young greedy and stubborn child who frequently says ‘NO!’ when asked to do something that would be considered normal social behavior. Normal social behavior is not the case with Thaksin. Things must be taken from him and even then he still fails to learn by trying to get them back at the expense of everyone else.

If you consider a country like Japan and how quickly the Government bows out when it’s face is lost, you see just the opposite with Thaksin’s proxy Government. Bowing out saves dignity as it is seen as the honorable thing to do. If the Japanese Government was faced with the dilemma of not being able to pay the million plus rice farmers that the Thai Government is facing, they would have bowed out long ago making way for someone who could.

When you consider the failed elections of February 2, 2014, you see they are flawed and would likely be nullified with minor legal efforts from a challenger. The elections would fail to produce a new Government so common sense says to abandon them and try again, but that is not the case with Thaksin. His method is to somehow make them work with the use of a hammer.

Every effort now is focused on keeping the Government in power. They have already made it illegal to fight corruption and even look to deport non-Thai business men for daring to try. They want to cut off funds to the protesters for holding legal and peaceful protests, and instated a state of emergency making those protests illegal just so they could generate arrest warrants. It does not take much to see just how wrong that is both morally and ethically as it is 100% self serving.

Members of the Government who are not shy about using muscle are sounding like Dictators and will simply punish anyone who stands in their way. It is clear Thaksin is telling them exactly what to do as the behavior matches his behavior in the months leading up to the coup that finally ousted him as he was preparing to send his private armed thug squad to go in and attack the Yellow Shirt protests.

So as the dignity of the Government is gone, and they face legal charges of corruption that are insured to end the Government if the charges are indeed true and the supporting evidence is valid, it does make you wonder what they are up to. So it does make you think about that small greedy and stubborn child who frequently says ‘NO!’ and refuses to act in what is seen as normal social behavior. It also makes you think what are they possibly doing behind the scenes, and thoughts of them filling their pockets are common thoughts amongst people who have seen this behavior before.

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