Google vs Connecting the Dots Part 9

Seemingly after Google had discovered their error in behavior towards Thailand’s ladyBoys, we felt the issue was finally closed, but that was until we got a fairly nasty warning letter from them on January 23, 2014. Needless to say we had two immediate thoughts being WTF, and apparently the same people who never get out past their own neighborhood to see the world were at it yet again.

At first we decided that we should perhaps wait before publishing this ninth entry in this series. But then we went back and saw that we wrote in the last paragraph of Part 8 of this series the following;

So without gloating or even appearing like we are gloating, we simply must say that Google has made some corrections to errors on their part. Perhaps better employee screening is the answer or collective decision making about photos that may be questionable such as the ones in question here. So we will once again let this rest until someone else at Google gets full of themselves and decides that their personal standards overrides Google’s policy.

So needless to say here we are. So below is the nasty warning they sent us;


This message is a formal warning that your account is at risk to be temporarily suspended and/or permanently disabled. We are taking this action as a result of a violation of our AdSense policies, which may include:

a history of policy violations and/or repeated policy violations
a site with particularly egregious violating content
general deceptive behavior and/or deceptive ad implementations

Current Account Status: Active. You are currently able to log into your account and you are welcome to monetize content which complies with our AdSense policies.

Action Required: Review all of your sites to ensure that they comply with our policies.

For tips on monitoring your network for policy violations and clarification about our policies, we recommend that you check out the following resources in our Help Center:

AdSense program policies
Content filtering
Using site: search to find violations
Top reasons for account closures
Inside AdSense blog (Program Policy articles)


The Google AdSense Team

So seeing that first off we had no violations and it was some employee(s) of Google who applied their own personal standard over and beyond Google’s standards. Second any accidental violations of posting photos without text were fixed due to changes in WordPress being the publishing software we use. We apologized for not catching that when the upgrade was installed.

But their latest email is indeed suggestive that someone working at Google in the AdSense team just does not like Ladyboys fully dress walking in the street or whatever FULL STOP! So needless to say more time has now passed than they typically allow to fix things, so we will sit and watch to see what happens next. We more or less suspect the people at Google who have a issue with Thai LadyBoys also have an issue with same sex marriages, but that is just and educated speculation.


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