Thai Government’s comical attack blunders

Let it not be said that some of the efforts of Thaksin’s proxy Government to attack anti-Thaksin protesters are without humor. The attacking methods they are using are backfiring one after the other making the Government look incompetent and at the same time providing more evidential support why they need to be removed from office.

It is hard to know where to begin, but all of the things so far are worth sitting on a comfortable sofa with a nice hot batch of popcorn watching the comedy unfold on the news. You can observe a certain Minister who has been known for drunken rants accuse someone of supporting the anti-Thaksin protesters known as the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC). That is all fine and well however there is one little problem. The PDRC have only been around since November 2013, and the person that was accused of supporting the PDRC died in March 2012 some 20 months before. Now seeing that when a person dies in Thailand, their body is cremated. So there is not even a person to go to.

But if that was not bad enough, there is a list of supporters that had been in part leaked to the media. So if the accuracy of placing a dead man on that list is any indication of the level of competency, there certainly is a lot of defamation lawsuits waiting to be unleashed once the list becomes officially released.

But it gets better on that list. Seeing that the vas majority of Thais have had enough with this Government because of their corruption and lack of transparency, the list that was meant to intimidate people for supporting the PDRC is starting to be seen as a list of Heros.

Moving on to the next General topic of arrest warrants for the PDRC leaders for treason, sedition and other such heinous crimes are being discredited. Although one lower court signed the arrest warrants, The Constitutional court described the actions of the PDRC as both legal and protected by the Constitution. Needless to say it is fairly easy to predict those arrest warrants will turn out to be frivolous and thrown out just by citing the Constitutional court. That will happen just about the time the second batch of popcorn is ready.

It also is becoming more obvious of the desperation of the Government to find something to throw at the PDRC other than the occasional M79 RPG. There is little doubt that the Government is behind the attacks with military weapons. The pattern fits and repeats. Every time there has been an anti-Thaksin protest, the same thing happens. Whether it was the Yellow Shirts or whoever, the attacks happen. The one common denominator over the years has been Thaksin. So the mystery is more or less solved by repeated behavior and the process of elimination.

But it is getting even more complex for the Government as well. Their primary voter base being farmers from Isaan have joined and are embedded with the PDRC protesters.  So firing RPGs into the crowd amounts to aiming the RPG at their own feet. The reason the farmers are with the PDRC is because the level of corruption with the rice pledging was so great, there is no money left to pay the farmers. Had there been no corruption, the rice farmers would be up country getting ready to plant the next crop of rice. Needless to say the Government may have already metaphorically launched a RPG at their own feet.

No doubt there will be more blunders in the next few days and weeks, and if note worthy Connecting the Dots will provide that entertainment to you as well, however you will need to get your own popcorn.

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