Identifying the Anti-Thaksin protest attacker Part 3

 After Thaksin’s private Coup attempt was ended by the Thai Military, things got more or less quiet for the rest of 2009. But there were still personal attacks on people that did not support Thaksin in the parts of Thailand that had significant Red Shirt populations.

In 2010 things started to pickup again and progressed into a full fledge Red Shirt riot with the goal of forcing the Democrats out of power. There were attacks on the car Prime Minister Abhisit was in, and the burning of Bangkok. Once again Thaksin was involved in that attack on the Democratic party. So once again Thaksin is still the only consistent person involved up to this point with every act of violence and attacks. The Thai Military eventually ended the riots, but not without the Red Shirts being on the receiving end this time and there were deaths on both sides.

After a while in 2011 and in order to be fair and keep his promise to return the power to the people, then Democratic Prime Minister Abhisit dissolved Parliament, and once again the people voted in a Pro-Thaksin Government with it this time being the Pheu Thai Party (PTP). The PTP wasted no time in getting down to attacking the Democrats for daring to take power from Thaksin. They demonized the Democrats for disbursing the 2010 Red Shirt Riots and filed murder charges against then Prime Minister Abhisit, and his deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban who was in charge of crowd control.

The charges the PTP brought against Abhisit and Suthep will eventually turn out to be just a classic legal attack from an angry Thaksin. Abhisit and Suthep were protected under the Constitution and they were just doing their job. Secondly, Abhisit sought direction from the courts as how to proceed in dealing with the Red Shirt riots. So essentially the courts both authorized and instructed Abhisit to restore order as the Riots were both unlawful and were doing harm to other Thais. At the time of penning this, those cases were still in the courts.

Eventually the PTP caused enough damage to the country with corruption, it came back to haunt them. They also tried to pass a blanket Amnesty bill that would have cleared Thaksin of all convictions, pending charges and return 46 Billion Baht of ill gotten money taken from Thaksin by the court. Needless to say that Amnesty bill was the straw that broke the camels back as 90% of the Thai people rejected it. That more or less translates to 100% of the honest law abiding Thais, as roughly 10% of the Thai people ignore the law whenever possible.

This in turn caused the Thai people to yet again protest and this time lead by Suthep Thaugsuban. Suthep resigned his position in Parliament to lead the anti-Thaksin rally starting in late October 2013 in eventually what became known as the Peoples Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC). There were some independent student groups that also protested against Thaksin. Despite the size of this Anti-Thaksin movement being well into the millions and at one time had over 3.5 Million Thais marching in the streets of Bangkok, they still were attacked with explosives and even M79 Rocket Propelled Grenades.

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