Yingluck next victim of Thaksin

With Thaksin Shinawatra, people regularly take a fall for him while he manages to stay clear and free of direct involvement. It does not matter who it is as Thaksin just uses them for his own personal gain. Once they are used up, he simply finds someone new and it does not matter if it is a sibling or not.

Offering someone power and influence over others is both tempting and intoxicating to many people, and that is particularly true with people who desire power. However to get that power and influence, you need to play by the rules and desires of the person that offers such temptations. Because of that, there seems a never ending list of people ready to take the chance and dance with the devil.

In the case of Thaksin, he has shown he does not care about anyone except himself. He let his own son take a hit for taxes for money that was not even his. So if he would do that to his own son, it makes you wonder just about the other members of his family. There is no question that for Thaksin money comes before everything else and that includes family bonds.

So now it looks like his younger sister Yingluck who just happens to be Prime Minister of Thailand because Thaksin saw she has a unique feminine appeal to the people of Thailand that more or less suggested only men are corrupt and women are not. However as things are turning out, even if she is not corrupt, by following the instructions of her brother, she could be looking to take a very serious hit and that includes a lot of jail time if she decides to stay in Thailand.

But as many Thai corrupt politicians do when they get caught and the court is about to pass final judgment, they flee the country to live out their lives in other places in the world. It seems nearly everyone in the Thaksin clan has fled Thailand at one point or another.

So one needs to ask why Thaksin would subject his own younger sister to such a fate. To ruin the lives of her and her children and whatever other fallout may happen as a result. Yingluck’s regular denial that she was not a puppet of Thaksin simply makes it worse for her come judgement day as well. It is fairly easy to see that was a lie as the chances of two members of the family having exactly the same behavior are rare. It is clear to see the charges she is facing should be for Thaksin and not her, but that is not how it will unfold.

To consider that, it does leave you with the impression that Thaksin has no redeeming qualities. Also that he truly does not deserve to be free when you consider a family’s interrelationship law, never mind criminal law. To subject another family member to loss and hardship to feed his own personal greed it just wrong in every sense, and is the mark of evil in nearly every culture. If you close your eyes you can perhaps hear Thaksin telling Yingluck the following. ‘Oh tough bit of luck for you but I am sure you can handle it. Call me when you get out of jail, I may have another job for you.’

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