Thai Government stoking anger against them

Arrogance, lack of empathy, self serving behavior, failure to learn from past mistakes, these are all the qualities of Thaksin’s proxy Government. It was these behaviors and more that turned the people against them, and now the Government has redoubled their efforts to continue the same behaviors.

A person in their right mind does not attack a judge who ruled against them, nor would they sue people who have a different opinion. A person in their right mind would learn from their mistakes and observe mistakes of others and try to better themselves with that knowledge. However in the case of Thaksin’s proxy government, they just look for a bigger hammer to do what they want and ignoring everyone else.

When the Government announced that they would seek impeachment of the Constitutional court judges because they did not agree with their ruling, they angrily ignored the rule of law and lost their legitimacy to Govern. That quickly erupted into street protests looking to remove the Government.

As those street protests became more intense, the Government eventually called a State of Emergency in an attempt to ignore the law again and infringe on the Constitutional rights of the peaceful and unarmed protesters. The protesters approached the Court and got a preliminary ruling that said the protests were legal and for the Government not to interfere with the protesters and that they could not use a State of Emergency as an excuse.

A day before the court was to make their final ruling to supplement their preliminary ruling, the Government ignored the court and attacked the protesters killing some and violated the law. That resulted in murder charges being filed against some members of the Government. Now in most cases that would make people back down and think about what they did, however that was not the case.

The Government announced that they would appeal the ruling that said you can’t violate the constitutional rights of peaceful unarmed protesters. That quickly translates into we don’t care and we want to violate the rights of peaceful unarmed protesters. Whether the court would rule in favor of the Government is for the most part irrelevant as the intent to do what they want and ignore the law still remains. The underlying thinking has not changed and no lesson was learned even with murder charges pending against the people in the Government who gave the go ahead to violate the law.

So if that was not enough, the Government filed criminal charges against the Judges of the Constitutional court simply because they did not rule the way they liked on changing the Constitution so they could consolidate more power by removing checks and balances by changing the makeup of the Senate. That is more amusing than anything else, but it still reflects the desire to ignore authority as well as laws and do what they want. It is the mentality of a criminal. It also demonstrates the failure to learn, and totally justifies the protests against them. It also matches exactly the personality and behavior of Thaksin Shinawatra who ignores everyone except himself.

So the Government shows they simply do not care and want to do what they want. It also shows they are working for themselves and not for the people. It is this continue behavior that stokes the flames of anger against them and it is also self destructive and anger filled. It will also help the court decide on future rulings where members of the Government are defendants as this behavior clearly shows their actions are premeditated and not accidental.

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