Thaksin’s proxy Government stoops to bully tactics

Backed into a corner by their own actions, the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) is spewing threats at those who would enact judgment and penalties on them. The frequency and dire predictions embedded in those threats suggest not only desperation, but the desire to once again ignore the authority of the courts.

People who look at bullies see them as one of the lower tiers of society. The need to make threats and extort and otherwise use force to get their way is viewed in a very poor light. People are generally pleased when a bully gets put in their place either by the courts or by some vigilante’s extra judicial educational methods. In either case, seeing a bully dealt with provides a sense of justice no matter what method is used.

In the case of the PTP, their comments and remarks that there will be some sort of uprising most likely by the Red Shirts if they are in any way touched by the Constitutional Court or the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) is clearly a threat not unlike threats coming from a cornered wild animal.

As Connecting the Dots sees things, this seems to be an organized bullying plan that may be implemented if all legal avenues are used and failed. In any event, it still reflects the behaviors of bullies and there is no real separation of bully types.

Connecting the Dots also sees that the Constitutional court will not rule whether the Government broke the law or not, as that has been established by other courts. The Constitutional Court will look and rule on the justification of breaking the law. They will look at if there was some unforseen reason that the Constitution could not take into account and the decision was justified. But as the reason seems to be cronyism, there is little doubt how the court will rule.

As for the NACC, the PTP keeps insisting that the investigation into the hugely corrupt rice pledging scheme was rushed and is ignoring the documented and well publicized fact that the investigation was over a year long and not just a few weeks as they claim. This behavior falls under the headings ‘That if I say it enough sooner or later it will become true’, or just simple denial.

But refocusing on the bullying, it extends to the Thai people as well. Making threats to civil servants that if they support the Anti-Government movement they will be punish. That clearly oversteps their bounds and has been cited in numerous articles by not only the main stream media, but other blogs and social media as well.

For the most part that bullying is not going over so well as most people see that the Government has lost its mandate to govern when they denounced the rulings of the court that did not go their way. In short they are being ignored by a significant percentage of the people.

So in summary and snapshot of the moment, this looks bleak for the PTP and very possibly much more difficult for corrupt politicians to prosper in the future if the anti-corruption reforms are put in place by a neutral Government.

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