Threats continue from Thai Government

In an increasingly ominous tone coupled with a show of force by the Red Shirts, there is little doubt arrogance is the driving force behind this behavior. So if hints of Thaksin’s arrogance and anger are being seen coming from Thaksin’s supporters, there is little doubt Thaksin is calling the shots.

Even from a distance and with little knowledge of Thai politics, for the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) Government to make threats against the independent organizations and the court, ignoring the separation of power between the courts and executive branch, it clearly says something is wrong with the Government. When the Government is making threats against authority in a situation where they have been caught doing wrong, it says a lot about lack of morals and ethical values of the Government.

The show of force by the Red Shirts saying they will descend on Bangkok if the courts rule against the Government is clearly coming from Thaksin. The PTP Government has been all about Thaksin from the start and not about the people. The destabilizing comments are kin to behavior related to Thaksin’s previous behavior. It also reenforces what Thailand would be like if Thaksin ever got back into power.

Based on that alone, the courts would be right to remove Thaksin’s influence, and a neutral Government to install laws that provide quick remedy to such self serving behavior. When it becomes too difficult for the corrupt minded politicians to get a foothold, only then can Thailand start to move forward.

The proper response to these threats is to stand ground and let the courts rule. If that means the Government is removed, it does set the proper stage for the needed change. If Thaksin looks to make good on his threats, then that falls to the military to deal with them. There is no mechanism to reinstall the Government with violence, and it would be just a temper tantrum being acted out. Those acts of violence could easily lead to charges of treason. It is important to take note none of the suffering will be felt by Thaksin and only by his supporters.

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