Thailand’s CAPO becoming part of the problem

In what is becoming a joke of an emergency management body, the Center of Administration for Peace and Order (CAPO) has clearly become an attack tool of a Government that has lost it’s legitimacy to govern Thailand. The list of eye rolling announcements from CAPO has removed nearly all the respect it had when it was first formed. Coupled with ego driven temper tantrums from CAPO upper management, it clearly calls for a bag of popcorn to watch the antics unfold.

CAPO was formed when the pro-Thaksin Government was seeking to squash the anti-Thaksin protests lead by Suthep Thaugsuban. It has been a long time since actions as amusing as CAPO’s have been seen. They certainly are providing loads of material for political cartoonists.

On the short list of observations;

  • CAPO has already shown they selectively follow orders by the court.
  • Their interpretation of court orders is twisted more than a roller coaster track.
  • Completely twisted facts taken totally out of context to support Thaksin’s agenda.
  • They have demonstrated that they are completely bias against anyone who is not pro-Thaksin.
  • Their orders and warnings have for the most part been totally ignored because of their absurdity and violation of people’s constitutional rights.
  • Angry ego driven attacks on innocent law following protesters leading to death of protesters and police.
  • Attacks on anyone who would look to do other than Thaksin’s agenda including the Senate.
  • Intimidation.

With those behaviors, it is clear to see they have wandered far from their original mission. They have shown little if any moral and ethical behavior and are acting far from professional. Because leadership of CAPO is from the Government, the behavior of the Government has followed. It was that behavior that brought out the anti-Thaksin protests to begin with.

So is their any wonder why CAPO has become part of the problem. Even former Prime Minister Abhisit has spoken out against them and for the most part has said everything we have outlined. So our comments are not unique and our observations have been seen by many. CAPO is not enforcing the law, they are enforcing corruption.

The question remains what mechanisms can remove CAPO as they often don’t listen. They clearly do not respect the full authority of the court and only do so if there is real punishment being immediate jail time. They ignore the rights of people to explore possibilities of ending Thailand’s political crisis within the scope and breath of the Constitution and charge them with a crime that carries the death penalty. This behavior you would expect from Thaksin as it clearly is one of his signatures.

For what it is worth, CAPO has become the equal of a rabid animal. They will attack anything or anyone with minimal provocation. Much of what they do does not follow the intent of their mission that being to insure no conflicts take place and not cause them. To arrest people that violate the law and to uphold the dignity of Thailand. Needless to say, failing marks in all of the above.

One Response to Thailand’s CAPO becoming part of the problem

  1. It seems ask and you shall receive. 3 hours after this post was published the military invoked martial law in all of Thailand. Their first order of business was to end CAPO.