Thai Government nearing Checkmate

The pro-Thaksin Thai Government is nearing checkmate as it struggles to survive. They have taken some serious political blows as a result of their Thaksin serving behavior. But now it all seems to come down to answering one question. If the answer is ‘YES’ the game goes on. If the answer is ‘NO’, then it is checkmate and this particular game is over.

The Pheu Thai Party (PTP) lead Government may have lost it’s authority to initiate a new election. There are several questions along those lines that need to be answered. The Election Commission (EC) first raised the question after Care Taker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was removed from office by the Constitutional Court. Her replacement who is technically an acting Care Taker Prime Minister may lack the power to cosign the needed documents to start a new election.

If the answer to that is Yes, then documents moving him from acting Care Taker Prime Minister to Care Taker Prime Minister would fall under the same cosigning authority. Those documents have yet to be seen, and more than enough time has passed for them to be processed and made official.

This does expose the very legitimate conclusion that if nobody has the authority to cosign the needed document, then checkmate has to be the call. But setting that aside, the acting Care Taker Prime Minister insists he has the authority, but the attitude seems to be a bluff or a Hail Mary Pass hoping nobody will check for sure.

If nobody can sign the needed document, then there is a provision in the Constitution that gives the authority to the Senate to appoint a new Prime Minister. But based on the threats and attacks on the Senate leader from the Government and it’s attack dogs, Thaksin wants no part of that checkmate move.

If the Senate does act and appoint a new Prime Minister, it will mean that new and much tougher anti corruption laws are on the way. That simply means a win for all Thai people no matter what color shirt they wear. Money that was earmarked for the people will start to get down to the people and not end up in the pockets of corrupt politicians.

It is clear Thaksin does not want these heavy duty anti corruption laws, and that is the underlying reason for the fight. The PTP seems confident enough that they will win the next elections, so to simply resign and run again would be the body language that matches what they are saying.

So this all comes back down to the yes or no answer of authority, and it seems the court will be asked to decide, or perhaps better put clarify that. So that too explains the ongoing attacks on the court by the Government. Threats are the indicator of desperation. For a person that needs to resort to threats there is no other plausible legal solution. In any event, this game is nearing it’s conclusion. However with Thaksin, there will be another game, and another after that, until he is simply put down or put away.

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