Thailand’s Caretaker Government appears subservient to Thaksin

In what seems to be apparent disrespect to the Military’s authority during martial law, the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) is downplaying the importance of military ordered meetings to find and end to Thailand’s political crisis. The only reason for this is Thaksin is not interested in any type of compromise. In fact according to news reports, despite the huge fallout to blanket amnesty that 90% of Thailand rejected, Thaksin still wants it and is instructing the PTP to push for it.

If in fact the Government is subservient to Thaksin, then the meetings called by the military have already failed. The reason for that is the Government representatives at the meeting are no different than cardboard cutouts used for advertisements, and have no authority to make decisions.

This matches classic Thaksin behavior in that he will sacrifice the people who are presently the Government in order to get his way. There is no loss for Thaksin if he does that as he views everyone as disposable, including his kin.

The fact that acting caretaker Prime Minister Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisan has not attended the military ordered meeting is seen as a sign of disrespect and an attempt to tarnish the authority of the military. Needless to say some repercussions are likely with the possible jailing of Niwattumrong to allow him to better understand the meaning of martial law and the authority of the military when martial law is in effect.

If this is the case then the only answer is to take the Government out and install an interim Government as wanted by Suthep and now apparently the Senate. The simple reason for this is it is impossible to negotiate with an inanimate object like a rock or cardboard cutout. Several reason can be cited for this such as the Government’s failure to send a fully authorized negotiator and making a farce of the proceedings.

Even the Red Shirts seem willing to offer some compromise, however as they are primary funded by Thaksin and use more brawn than brain. They are not seen as an authority but more of thugs that use intimidation and violence to support Thaksin’s wishes.

Beyond this, the happenings are too blurred to make any type of assessment or prediction of what will likely happen next other than perhaps yellow ribbons starting to appear signifying support for the King and for Thailand. Also things will happen quickly and without prior warning.

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